Caps lock light mac keyboard

Number lock replaces the functions of certain keys on the keyboard with a numeric keypad.

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Some computers turn on number lock automatically during start up, but it must be manually enabled on most compact keyboards. This often ignored feature can be beneficial in a few situations.

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For example, some people find it easier to type long sequences of numbers using a keypad like those found on phones and calculators. Also, activating num lock is occasionally required to type special characters like curly quotes.


Press the Num Lock key to toggle the number lock feature. If you don't see a designated Num Lock key, it could share a key with another function. Some computers turn on number lock automatically during startup, in which case pressing the Num Lock key will disable it. Traditional keyboards for desktop computers have a keypad on the right side in addition to the horizontal row of number keys above the letter keys.

Num Lock is usually located in the upper-left corner of the keypad.

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Because laptop keyboards are typically more compact, Num Lock and the numeric keypad often share keys with other characters or functions. If a key has two functions, the alternate function might be labeled in a different color. Hold down the Fn function key and press Num Lock to activate it.

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  6. On some keyboards, there's a designated key just for number lock, but you still must hold down Fn as you press it. If Num Lock is labeled the same color as the Fn key, then this is probably the case.

    Apple keyboard Num Lock?

    On Apple keyboards with a numeric keypad, the Clear key is typically located where the Num Lock key would be on a PC keyboard. Although they don't technically support number lock, most Macs have a built-in accessibility feature called Mouse Keys that lets users control the cursor with the number pad.

    Once enabled, number lock will remain active until you disable it. I created an Apple ticket and they said a factory wipe would be the best way to fix. The issue my caps lock light doesn't come on.


    This is the same for a external Apple Bluetooth keyboard. It was working fine, but today again the light doesn't work. Any ideas on how to fine the app or setting using this issue. My first question would normally be: Does it happen regardless of what user is logged in? But since you factory wiped it, I would assume that is not relevant.

    My second question would be: Do you have a config profile going to this machine that could be causing this behavior? Third question: when you press the caps lock key and type, does it actually type in all caps or does it not function at all? I've seen that fix purely hardware related issues like the Caps Lock light.

    Macbook Pro Caps Lock Key

    See questions 2 and 4. Only my account which is a local admin. Not that I know of.

    Num Lock: What It Is And How It Works

    Yes it does work just no light. Yes didn't seem to do anything. See questions 2 and 4 Doesn't work on any keyboard.