Change mac address ubuntu permanently

Set up your device so type: ip link set dev xxxx up, where xxxx is the name of your device.

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Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. Not necessarily. Every hardware network device e. It differs from system to system and from configuration to configuration.

How to disable changing the MAC on each reboot with systemd

Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. The following command will let you get the interface-name of a device that you will be using later to change its MAC address:.

If you need to restore the MAC address of a device to its original state, you can use the following command:. Through the simple steps described in this article, you can view and change your Mac addresses and also restore them to the original ones whenever needed. Why change a MAC address? There are mainly the following two reasons to change it: The most common reason to change a MAC address is to maintain privacy.

How to change MAC address in Linux (Debian, Ubuntu)

If a network administrator has blocked your MAC id on a firewall or router, you can spoof your id and be able to pass through it. There are most commonly wireless cards for Wi-Fi and ethernet cards for wired connections. All the network cards in the world have a unique MAC address. To view the MAC address on your system, we will describe two commands, and you can use any of them.

It gives information about the networking hardware of a system.

HowTo Change Network Interface Name in Linux Permanently

IP command. Next, you can use the Swiss-Army knife of network interface tools, ifconfig to view your networking hardware information. Use this command:. The output is a little messier but has way more information. If you wish to find out the MAC address, and general information, the ip command is better in my opinion, because it shows more streamlined and to-the-point information.


To do that, you must first know the name of the network interface on your device. For example, here:. Now for the main task, a program that helps change the MAC address very quickly.

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The tool is called macchanger the name says it all. Install it using:. Choose as you desire. MACChanger prompt.

Randomize your MAC address using NetworkManager - Fedora Magazine

Setting a random MAC address. Setting a specific MAC address. Restoring original MAC address. That is all you will ever need to change your MAC address.

What MAC Addresses Are Used For