Does mac do makeup for special occasions

Anyone who has ever undergone a makeover knows all too well the dreaded anxiety that erupts as soon as the makeup artist has finished doing his or her work. You're expected to purchase products - and not just one. You are often left feeling pressured, beaten down, and dismayed at the experience. Generally, you are unlikely to return for a second helping. Fortunately, the mentality at the MAC makeup store is completely different. Coming from such an esteemed family, it is simply no wonder that the MAC philosophy differs so vastly from other brands. At MAC, clientele are treated with respect, friendliness, and a willingness to actually help.

There is a marked lack of intensity on the selling aspect, and this is due in part to the company's decision to pay its employees the highest possible hourly rate.

In-Store Beauty Brand Services

Thus, the focus is directed toward the customer herself and not her potential as a commission-earner for the makeup artist. There are over 1, MAC makeup stores located around the world. The majority of the North American locations are found inside shopping malls.

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The freestanding stores differ from the department store counters in that the stores offer exclusive, limited edition items not available anywhere else. For a complete list of MAC makeup stores, visit the store locator on the company's official website. The Dior "Now" Looks Learn cutting-edge artistry techniques and the latest runway trends using Dior's newest colors of the season.

Beauty One-on-One Enhance your beauty using tips and tricks from Dior Backstage Pros with an expert makeover and lesson. Fragrance Atelier Experience the world of Dior fragrances and discover your signature Dior scent. Beautiful Skin for Life A highly personalized conversation designed to help you create a customized skin care ritual, for the most beautiful skin of your life. Fragrance Finder A fun, interactive way to find the perfect fragrance for yourself or someone else.

Re-Nutriv Luxury Experience Exclusive luxury services for an indulgent pampering experience. Mini Facials 20 minutes Personalized treatments that meet your skin's needs.

Makeup Artist

Express Facials 10 minutes An instant boost of benefits for your skin. Sweet, Soft Lips 5 minutes A quick fix for smooth, kissable lips.

Armani Beauty to Go 10 minutes A quick makeover of your choice in just minutes: Glow to Go: a beautiful, natural-looking complexion. Eyes to Go: the quickest and easiest way to get Armani eyes. Lips to Go: your lip signature made easy. Armani Brow Architecture 15 minutes Find the perfect brow shape for your face. Supreme Glow: the ultimate Armani Glow. Sun Glow: the Armani Mediterranean sun-kissed look.

Armani Contouring 20 minutes Learn how to enhance your features through shading and highlighting. Armani Eyes to Kill 20 minutes Discover how to design your eyes with the iconic Armani colors: Nudo Eye: easy, everyday eye makeup. Grafico Eye: structured eye shape.

Special Occasions

Sfumato Eye: soft, smoky eyes. Armani Lip Signature 20 minutes Find the perfect texture and color match for your lips. A Special Occasion Makeover 45 minutes Choose your makeup look for your special event. Made-to-Measure Makeup Coaching 45 minutes Learn the art of applying your makeup like a professional. Next, skin is drenched with a hydrating booster serum followed by a blast of pure oxygen to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Look and feel refreshed as fine lines and crow's feet are diminished in appearance, revealing a bright and youthful eye area.

A targeted hand treatment will leave them feeling smooth and satin-soft to the touch. Give lips a perfect pout with this luscious and hydrating treatment, creating a smooth canvas for your favorite lipstick. This treatment will tone and deeply hydrate as firmness and elasticity are improved.

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Service Menu Please join a Kiehl's skin care expert for a complimentary service of your choice. Hydration Analysis 2 minutes Measure the hydration of your skin with the Dehydration Analyzer tool. Healthy Skin Check 5 minutes Analyze sebum and hydration levels to understand the current state of your skin's moisture barrier.

Calming Eye Treatment 5 minutes Soothe and revitalize the delicate eye area. Restorative Hand Treatment 10 minutes Restore hands with an intensive treatment to exfoliate, treat dark spots, hydrate and protect.


Pampering Facial 20 minutes Revitalize eyes, face and neck with a relaxing facial, using products hand-selected for your unique skin care needs. Healthy Skin Party Invite your friends to a private party hosted by Kiehl's! Enjoy soothing facials and treatments exclusively for you and your guests. Face No Filter Needed Learn to correct and conceal like a pro. Lips Seal It with a Kiss Red it, bold it, nude it, love it!

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The 4 Essentials of Your Skin Care Routine 10 minutes Infuse, treat, hydrate and perfect your skin with a La Prairie skin care solution tailored to your skin's unique concerns. Eye Revive Treatment 10 minutes Awaken and brighten the delicate eye area and smooth away fine lines with an eye massage using one of La Prairie's rejuvenating eye treatments. Serum Solutions 5 minutes Learn why La Prairie's age-defying serums are your strongest allies to combat skin aging and find out which one works best for your skin.

A luxurious brush-on skin care application is followed by your ideal moisturizer. Flawless Finish 10 minutes Find your ideal shade for a flawless and ageless look with La Prairie's skin care—infused foundations followed by a makeup touchup. Visit a Le Labo counter to experience the perfumer's fine craftsmanship firsthand.

I Asked For 'Going Out' Makeup At MAC And Clinique — Here's What Happened

Fresh Formulation Once you choose your scent, lab technicians will blend your fragrance by hand. Personalization Your 23 characters custom-printed on selected Le Labo creations. Have your new eyelashes professionally fitted, trimmed and applied. Select a minute makeup application, building on your existing makeup. Or focus on one feature, with step-by-step guidance. Includes natural or dramatic eyes and lips, perfected skin or sculpted face.

Brows in 30 Minutes Filled in, lengthened, natural or glamorously arched. Makeup Service in 60 Minutes Choose any full makeup look you want, from lips to lashes.