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Once your training is complete, we strongly recommend that you turn your pop-up blocker back on by reversing the steps you followed to turn your pop-up blocker off. IMPORTANT If you continue to receive a message to turn off your pop-up blocker after you have turned it off in your web browser, then there could be a browser add-on or anti-virus software that also has a pop-up blocker that needs to be disabled while taking the course.

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Get Adobe Flash Player. While you're holding down the Feed button, turn the printer on.

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Release the Feed button as the printer begins printing a receipt with its settings. If a receipt with settings was printed, then your printer is working correctly. When you're ready, log in to your computer with a profile that has administrator access and follow these steps: Turn your printer on using the switch on the side, and follow the steps below to manually install the driver. If you have already installed the driver, skip to Part 5. Click here to download the zip file that contains the drivers to your Mac.

Once the file is downloaded, open the. Open the Driver file, and click on the installation file called starcupsdrv.

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Under CUPS 3. Follow the prompts for installation. Add the printer and set it as the default printer: Go to System Preferences. Select Print and Scan. Check to be sure the correct printer and driver have been selected. Make sure the name of the printer is selected; the location should be the name of your computer.

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Click on the Retail tab and add items to a new sale. If it is not, then please see the section above to set it as the default printer. Make sure to turn off the Automatic Receipt Printing feature. Expand the printer window by clicking on the downward arrow on the right side of the box. The following settings only need to be set once your printing page may look different than the examples below : Uncheck the "Print headers and footers" box.

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Click on the menu titled Safari within this print box , and select "Printer Features. From the Cash Drawer menu, select "Open Drawer 1.

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Click OK to save these settings as your receipt preset. The following setting needs to be selected every time you print: From the Paper Size menu, select "72mm x mm.

Click Print. If you are using Firefox : You can use Automatic Receipt Printing with Firefox; however, this feature is not compatible with the cash drawer for Apple computers. If it is not, then please see section above to set it as default. Click on Show Details to expand the printer window. The following settings only need to be set once your printing page may look different than the examples below : Set all the headers and footers to "--blank--" using the dropdown menus.

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Click on the menu titled Firefox it is within this print box , and select Paper Handling. If the print is too small, check the box to "Scale to fit paper size. Click on the menu again to select Printer Features. From the Feature Sets dropdown list, select "Output Options.

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Save settings as a Preset. Click OK to save these settings as a receipt preset. Click on the Apple icon on the top right of your browser. Select "About This Mac. Back to top Multi-printer troubleshooting If multiple receipt printers are connected to the same computer, your main printer may receive all printed receipts—even when the TSP printer is set as the default.

Pop Ups on Your Mac? How to Stop Them Once and For All

To correct this, and resume receipt printing through the TSP printer, complete the following steps: Uninstall the other printer. Re-install the printer. Make sure TSP is selected as the default printer. Try printing the receipt again, and it should now print from the TSP.

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