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And if you are the latter, please jump to Part 3 for a foolproof tool to downgrade iOS As we all know, Apple encourages users to update iOS to the newest version and doesn't allow us to downgrade to older iOS versions. It often discontinues signing a particular iOS firmware after the release of a new version, and thus stops users to downgrade. Yet you can still use TinyUmbrella to save SHSH blobs , which could be useful if some hackers discover a new way to downgrade back to older iOS versions in the future.

Make sure you have Java on your computer if not, download Java here. TinyUmbrella needs Java to run. Note : All the blobs are saved in one single file.

For example, if your iPhone is now on iOS Downgrading iOS with iOS System Recovery is very simple even to the green hands, as it can automatically download suitable IPSW firmware file for your iOS device and provide a step-to-step guide through the whole downgrading process. Download Download.

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Please make sure the information is correct. The program will download firmware file according to the information. Each of these blobs are identified by the Type column in the list of blobs. TinyUmbrella can only download blobs for firmware that Apple is currently signing.

How to Use TinyUmbrella to Save SHSH Blobs for iPhone, iPad before iOS 10 Update

TinyUmbrella keeps a log of all devices that have been connected to your computer while the tool is running. To do so, visit the following location:. Not yet. For now, however, just save your SHSH blobs while you can for all of the firmware that you can! If you have any additional questions or comments, please leave us a line down below.

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