Forgot admin password mac os x 10.7

All lead back to gray screen unless I spend hours letting it reboot with time machine. Apple says i have to bring it in to redo the firmware password, which is about 4 hours away i dont want to drive that far, again. I unknowingly setup parental controls on the only admin account. Now there is no way to disable parental control or create another admin account. What can I do to get out of the tangle? I foolishly changed my sisters password and now I cant remember it. She is still logged in and can use her iMac, if I do method one and I log out will this work on a her comp?

Although it show up for all other accounts. You cannot reset the password of a mobile account locally, it needs to be changed in the directory service to which the computer is bound. Hey I have a brand new 13inch MacBOOK Air and my password is totally forgotten i can get as far as turning on my computer but no further then the enter password screen.

Please does anyone know how to set a new one without having the old one. This approach is different, it lets you change the […]. Tks — my boot volume name is Macintosh HD likely a default. How do I format the space in this command when entering after Cmd-S restart? That was whole lot easier!

Does it still work? Please confirm something. Because if not, that would mean disk encryption is useless. Without the password you would need the encryption recovery key which you should have kept in a safe place, but not on the encrypted hard drive—obviously. Considering how trivial it is to change a password in OS X, without even knowing the existing password, I would never run a system that has any personal or business data on it without using encryption.

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How To Reset Administrator Password on OS X

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Forgot Admin account / Root (System Administrator) Password on Mac OS X ?

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Reset a Mac OS X Mavericks or Mountain Lion Password

March 21, at pm. Trevor says:. Make your changes by selecting the existing username and then replacing the old with new text or a different setting. If you want to change the password, click the Reset Password button and make your changes in the sheet that appears. To change the picture or other capabilities, click the Picture, Login Options, Allow User to Administer This Computer to make this user an administrator on this Mac , or Enable Parental Control check box and make the appropriate changes. To change a user, you must be logged in using an account that has administrator powers.

Quit the System Preferences application or choose a different System Preferences pane.

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