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It sucks to see so many work from other great people stolen though. They coulda picked a thousand better ones. Thanks for letting me know! That sucks, man. I just have to wait for Wattpad's peeps to get back to me now, but yeah. Hopefully it'll all be sorted out soon. Satsuki Featured By Owner Apr 25, Why does the reader act exactly like me in every fanfic I read? This is getting ridiculous!! Tailstehfoxxie Featured By Owner Dec 1, Dogshampoo24 Featured By Owner Sep 11, Twilight has a cru-ush!

What about Flash Sentry? I will totally sweep him off of his feet. But than I saw it was Male Reader and got all sad. Prev Next. I think there's more of an element of Laxus x Male! Reader, though all of them do get a pretty decent chance. There were various different conversation topics that were considered 'off-limits' when talking to friends. These topics usually differ between different friend groups, but they're usually quite similar none the less. This particular conversation topic was often deemed too embarrassing to talk about with friends, but that never stopped the people.

Marco x Male! Marco let out a quiet sigh as he hugged a large folder to his chest, eyes deeply focused on the item in his arms in order to make sure that he did not drop it, and as a result, let his entire year of English work escape the confinements of the hardback folder and onto the floor. Eyebrows narrowed as he carefully pulled it more tightly into his chest - so hard that it was beginning to dig into his ribs, but he didn't particularly care.

As long as this massive assignment was safe, a few bruised ribs didn't matter. It wasn't much further now. The teacher's office was just around the corner, and the relief of a homework-free weekend was ever so close. Cilan x Model! His Pikachu hopped in front of every step that he took, his trainer's hat hanging out of it's mouth. Even so, nothing could change the fact that he still looked like a complete fool.

A purple haired female by the name of Iris stood of to the side, muttering under her breath about Ash being such a 'kid'. The last of the trio was stood beside the only female of the group, a nervous smile on his lips. They were supposed to be moving in ord. Marcoloid x Male! Reader [Oneshot] Okay, so the written quality isn't exactly as good because I was adding in my own little humor with my little sarcastic sentences.

Perhaps it was some mysterious force that had pulled the object in from another dimension. Maybe it was a key object that could set [Male Name] off onto an adventure. Or, you know - perhaps it was brought in by a mother with freakishly strong arms and grin on her face, declaring that this would be the best birthday ever.

But whatever, a guy can dream, right? He was terrified, to be honest. The box was absolutely huge, enough to fit a grown man into it. It was wrapped with birthday wrapping paper, complete with a hastily stuck on pink note that read, 'Happy 19th Birthday, honey. I hope this present will make you. Norway x Doctor! Reader [Part 1 of? Contains a few 'mature' words. Day One He groaned; a dull pain drumming against his head as if there was a marching band playing their rhythmic songs within his skull.

He felt the crispy white sheets crinkle around his form as he struggled to sit up, only to find that he was unable to move not a single limb, save for a few twitching movements. What was this place? Why couldn't he move? The blonde grit his teeth, wincing as the drumming pain ached, slamming behind his eyes. The single word pounded in his thoughts, but he couldn't seem to find the strength to even open his bruised lips and call out to his younger sibling, who was probably being teased by the 'Dane'. China x Popular! Just thought you guys should know, since it was a bit vague and kinda upset some people.

The young, Chinese teenager sunk into his wooden desk chair, an inaudible sigh escaping his chapped lips. His hazel brown eyes were half lidded, and a light blush running across his cheeks, staining his face with an adorable shade of red. He was dressed in the usual boy's uniform of Gakuen Hetalia, an Academy that was viewed as one of the highest and best forms of education throughout the entire world. Due to this reputation, teenagers from all different countries attended here. People from every corner of the world came here, sent by their parents in the hopes that they'd became a great addition to society; that they'd make something great of themselves.

The school itself was stationed in England, and it had its own dorms to make it easier for all the different students. The teens would all stay here for the major. Hikaru Hitachiin x Male! Or whoever you want. Reader is in the Black Magic club with Nekozawa Umehito. Loud footsteps echoed throughout the empty hallway. The hallway itself was brightly lit, the walls painted expertly with a feminine pink, causing any observer to think that this was an all-girls school.

Toboe x Male! Greeny-brown eyes searched for his friends in the darkness of the cave, comforted to still see the outlines of his pack sleeping soundly. The only one that was missing had been [Male Name], whom had agreed to scout out the area for food or something more they could move onto. Steven Stone x Male! Reader Oneshot Warnings: None.

A soft wisp of air passed by [Male Name], as he yawned and tugged at his dirtied grey shirt for a little bit of warmth. He leaned back into the Pokemon that was lying behind him, gently pressing his back into Arcanine's side with a quiet little 'hmph'. The large beast blew a smoky little sigh on the top of it's owners head as if to say, 'don't worry.

We're almost done'. It wasn't a very modern torch; a simple block of wood with the end on fire. Steven, who was crouched down beside the wall, his silver hair illuminated from the blazing torch above hi. View Gallery. Featured in Collections male reader insert faves by iloveonedirection Naruto show x male reader ch. I looked out the window and watched as the villagers run over the place to prepare for the lucky ninja team.

The reflection of my headband caught my attention. My fingers scraped the engraved of the dragon. I walked down to the kitchen, and when I looked around, I picked up the only picture of my parents. I knew that they fought to keep me alive. I placed it down, and left the house. My team along with two other team. I turned around to look at the village that I wouldn't see for a long while. It's too early to be homesick. It was rather peaceful, being carried by my sensei, for being the youngest one there, we were stopped by a group of rouge ninjas.

Their headband told us they were from the mist village. I hated to just stop, especially when it's. Naruto show x male reader ch. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. I grabbed his hand and twisted it until I saw his bone pop, but it didn't stop me. Then I tripped him and smashed his face onto the floor.

sweet apple massacre

Our sensei noticed and ran over to us. He pulled me off of Sasuke, as his sensei picked him up. I just stood there, staring at him. I turned around, and was about to leave until my sensei grabbed my shoulder again. He glared at me. I slapped his hand off and walked away. Aya and Hishiro ran after me to make sure I wasn't in a bad m. Biology [Male! I groaned slamming my face into my textbook, effectively making me loose my balance and fall out of my spinny chair and onto the cold wood floor.

There was a few seconds of me contemplating whether sitting here, reveling in the pain, was better than doing my homework before a timid knock was heard coming from the direction of my bedroom door.

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Kankri peaked his head in before opening the door fully. He had been staying with me f. Reader by gouenjimizuki Rin Okumura x Mystic! Even if it had been years since I'd last seen him, I knew that I would never forget him: Rin Okumura. When I was little I had practically no friends. People thought I was weird so they stayed away from me. I didn't know my parents so I lived with this couple that let me call them by their first names. But none of that is really important. What is important is why I was a lonely child. I said people thought I was weird but I didn't say why. I often secluded myself from the other kids.

They were never really nice to me anyway. Instead, I sat by myself and talked to the flowers. I know, it sounds crazy, but they really did talk back. I could help them grow big and strong just by touching them; they told me that life was seeping through my pores. I didn't know what pores were at the time, but it didn't matter to me. When I looked at people I saw something inside of them. I wasn't sure what i. Black butler x male reader ch. I dropped the letter from my hands but before it could even touched the ground, Ciel grabbed it and read it. In complete shock and understand, I couldn't believe what was on the letter.

I'm a demon, that served Vincent, and now Ciel. At the dining table, Ciel was eating his breakfast. I looked over to Sebastian then back at the three servants. They stood there, as if they were loyal soldier. As we walked, he stared questioning about his father. But everytime he asked I replied, "I don't know. You don't make contracts, your eyes change colors due to mood, and you recover m. Ciel Phantomhive x Male! Reader Going through old pictures in my phone, I find an old request and decided to write it.

He was a teen now, so he was easily bored. But, the main problem was he actually had nothing to do. Of course, he could be playing a video game or something, but Ciel had already beaten all his games. Coming out of the shadow state your body got a moment to me sick. Turning him over to his back you could see the his breathing was heavy and sweat was on his forehead. Using your hoove to feel his temperature, you could tell it was high.

Panicking you lifted his head and put one of your bags under it. Looking around the area you saw a clearing just past the trees and the sound of a waterfall. Switching from Sombra to the clearing to Sombra again. How Logan Howlett wakes up with you Warning: language Crap. My eyes snap open and I look to my right. She's there, but thankfully her back is turned toward me.

Oh not good I slip out of bed, quiet as possible. I really don't want to deal with all the questions. After I pull on my pants, I reach for my shirt, which is draped over the end of the bed. I pause for a second as I catch a glimpse of her face. My heart speeds up and I frown.

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What the hell? I angrily thrust on my shirt. This is fine. It was a nice one night stand. She knew that. I stand a moment longer, fighting with myself. Last night She's amazing. She looks so peaceful right now, sleeping. She has a small smile on her face and one bare leg is draped over the sheets, uncovered. It takes every force of my will not to run my hand along that leg. I push my hands in my pockets to help me resist the urge.

View More. With that they both ran to the back of the building so their mother and father wouldn't see them. Whatever was going on they only hoped you were alright. They knew that if any of the guards saw them they would make them go home or worse They both looked around to see if there was another way in until I can only teleport myself to a short distance there is absolutely no way I can teleport both me and you into the building!

There was another. Jurassic Avengers x reader ch. I turned to face the billionaire next to me, he was lying on his stomach with his free arm above his head and a line of drool streaming from his mouth. As I softly sang to the classic rock playing in the small space, the elevator stopped and opened revealing a grinning demi-god. Alone Logan x Mutant! Reader You were young when you first discovered your mutant powers. It had surprised your mother much more than it had you.

She had walked into your room when you were playing with your building blocks. At the time you were pretending to be a giant monster destroying the town. Unknown to you at the time, you had really grown a scaly tail, claws and sharp teeth. When you had given her a toothy grin, your mother had fainted. Since then she had tried to hide your powers and had watched you closely. She pretended that you were a normal kid and yelled at you any time you showed signs of transformation.

Through experimentation, you quickly learned that the only limitation was becoming other humans. You could easily become any other animal, just not any humans. That, and your. Just please don't be late to our game, we need our water bender remember when we had to have a replacement? You hung up the phone and ran out of your room and across your small house to the kitchen, you grabbed a piece of old bread and wolfed it down before bolting out of the house. You ran down the small hallway of your apartmen. I'm not Korra Bolin x Waterbender! I had supported them in their pro bending sports and all their crushes but this crush Bolin's crush on Korra.

Our Avatar. Don't get me wrong! I really like Korra, I feel like we could be good friends but - that doesn't change the fact I'm a little jealous.

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I sighed patting Bolin's back as he sobbed, it had been a while since Korra had made it clear she didn't like Bolin, instead had a crush on his brother who now dated Asami. Bolin says he's over her but I highly doubt that's true. The Earthbender sniffed an rubbed at his eyes "I'm-" hiccup "okay" he mumbled. I rubbed his back on last time with a small smile "I know you are, come on they're probably wondering where we are" we stood and walked off together.

I had come. Cutes Bruce Banner x Sloth! It's a new friend for you while I'm away. You raised yourself to see into a bowl,. Avengers x Teen! The doctor got up and walked to the door. She opened it and let in They walk into the room your parents were in and all of them smiled. I am so happy for you both!

Even though Odin and Frigga were very joyful, young Thor and Loki frowned finding out you were a girl. They thought you would be a boy and help them with pranks or fighting. Your mother saw their faces and giggled. There are other things strawberry you can have. Like, you know, strawberries. Pop Tarts are for breakfast. Come with me, I have an idea.

You stayed silent as you dragged him, Thor struggling to keep up. You handed it to Thor and walked to the table by the window.


Give it a try. Save you Tony Stark x Dog! Reader 3 You laid down next to Tony's feet, attempting to block out the drunken slurs some of the other avengers were shouting about a hammer or something.

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He rambled on about being free as you growled at him, other robots burst through the wall behind him, you rushed towards Tony, your instincts told you to protect him. Get back! Not currently featured in any groups. Show all 0. Submitted on December 1, Link. Views 1, 1 today Favourites 19 who? Message Big Mac x Reader 1 "I'm finally here. Hide Media Preview Submit Comment. But the silver studded nipple rings just..

They were a loose fit, but did nothing to hide the fact that his thighs and calf-muscles were just as thick and prominent as the rest of him.. You scolded yourself as you looked back up at those colorless pools in the center of his almond-shaped eyes, only to discover that they were more like black pits of molten tar as they trapped you in place. It was oddly fitting, considering this guy looked like he tend to feast on the occasional soul between meals, and probably eats a bowl of nails in the morning for his daily iron.

It was a corny comparison, but you kinda felt like this was a more twisted version of when Little Red Riding Hood met the Big Bad Wolf… Only there was two now. Everything was heightened, alert. Why was there so much tension? Is it just you? Mary, Mother of God. This , is Jungkook. He was just as gorgeous— no , he was just as painfully attractive, as Tae. But boy, were they different. Nothing about him seemed gentle or discreet. You felt like wanted to get his hands on you too, but in a much more violent manner.

And yet, he was just standing there, watching the two of you— assertiveness and shirtless. A curve came to those perfectly-shaped lips, and aside from noticing the black hoop-ring around his left nostril and that several other piercings scattered along the cartilages of his ears, you were slightly astonished by the dimples that appeared beside the corners of his mouth. They seemed almost too boyish and soft of a feature to be matched with such a sly, conniving expression.

You were so fazed by how smooth and youthful his voice sounded that it took a little longer for the effects of his words to settle in. Did you bring your ID?

This was the highly-qualified profession who was responsible for all those piercings you seen on Instagram. Surely, he was more than capable. Why not? I was actually looking forward to doing it. The way he said cute had echoed about 3 times in the back of your head as you spoke. You momentarily began to wonder: how deep did they go with their research? They were complete strangers to you but their approach seemed so.. It was weird, but despite how chaotic your emotions were, you were kinda okay with letting them break the ice… even if their behavior was a little alarming.

You again started wiping your clammy palms against the denim of your skinny jeans as he came to a stop a few feet away. You thought that he was going to reach for your hand, like Tae did. But thankfully, he just casually placed them in his pockets as you were now eye-level with his nipple piercings and that violent-looking tattoo. He towered around the same height as Tae, but was definitely more stout in stature.

You were then caught up in the accessories you were just now taking into account— the large watch around his vandalized wrist; the several, golden chains around his strong neck. You could even make out the tattoos on either side now: the head of a roaring puma on the right— a suitable piece, to say the least— and a blooming flower on the left, just down by the base of his throat. It dawned on you very quickly just then, making your cheeks heat up and reminding you of how parched you were as you opened your mouth to speak.

He showed you to Tae , and Tae agreed? You were praying that you were just wildly turned on and not sporadically starting your period from the hormonal imbalance you were experiencing. A completely different complexity than the calm, laid-back tone you were use to. But again, you literally just met him.

For all you know, he could be just as cold as the man in front of you, beneath that porcelain face. You finally tore your eyes away to peak up at Tae, his words too blunt to ignore. You hastily nodded, moved by his statement but antsy, nonetheless. His breath was minty and distracting but still, he had a point. You needed to woman the fuck up, fast. Just two, solid-black marbles bowering right into your fucking soul. He openly engaged in a mind-reading contest with his own penetrating stare, smiling as you speechlessly shook your head in denial.

You kinda felt the need to politely ask him to not eat you, just then.