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How to Use a Projector With a Mac Laptop

Question windows 7 laptop wont connect to a network, all other devices will. Aug 3, Question Charger blinks when connected to Laptop. Jul 29, Question Lenovo Y laptop Jul 22, Question Connection to laptop monitor got cut off, everything should be working. Jul 21, Question laptop wont connect to wifi or ethernet. Jul 14, Question How to fix laptop losing wifi connection? Jul 13, Jul 10, Lose internet connection in browsers. Jul 8, Question Browsers not working fine after being connected to mobile hotspot. Jul 7, Question Laptop can be connected to 4G pocket wifi but not home internet connection.

Jul 3, Question Laptop Wifi slow only on one connection. Jun 27, Question my Ubuntu Laptop connects fine to a phone's hotspot but a windows laptop doesn't. I needed to reconnect to my wifi and needed my password. I found that the instructions above could be more clear, so here we go:. Switch off Mac 2. Disconnect HDMI 3. Reconnect HDMI 4. You should see a screen with a picture of a hard drive and a dropdown asking for you to choose your WIFI. If you do not see this, you should start the process over 6.

Select your router and enter your WIFI password. I was about to burn the bloody thing but did what you suggested and it worked a treat. If you use and detect an external display on your Mac it has no impact on wi-fi and vice versa. Does this not work if you use a wireless keyboard because the detect keyboard is late in the boot cycle?

Or do I still not understand either version of instructions? If I also quickly add command F1, same result. F1 after login simply beeps. My monitor sees my iMac telling me signal is received, but indicates weak signal and displays black. Reboot used to fix. Turning TV off and on also fixed, as did selecting another input and then back to Mac. Changing cable no effect. TV is brand new and it worked flawlessly until the last Mac security update was installed, and now once I manage to get it to work, if the computer goes to sleep, it wakes up without the second monitor.

The only other symptom is that my mac randomly blanks out the main display as if power saver kicked in, and I have to touch the power button to get it back, though the second screen continues to work fine. Now the next day, no luck. So now you have to hold a keyboard key to make a feature visible that was always visible before?

Do the software developers just want to torture us? Tell me again why Apple is superior to PCs. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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How to Connect a MacBook to a VGA Projector | Your Business

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Bruce Baldwin says:. January 1, at am. January 1, at pm. JMHO says:. December 30, at pm. October 28, at am. David says:. The setup for connecting a MacBook Pro to a projector is fairly straightforward. Beyond the projector itself, all you'll need is an adapter that converts the computer's DVI signal to the VGA signal that is recognized by most projectors. The MacBook should detect the projector's signal at this time and begin projecting your computer's screen onto the desired surface.

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