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I can't remember if text is imported without needing to be cleaned up, but vectors are converted cleanly. Affinity Photo 1.

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Yes I need to partition my hard disk so I can run Freehand on I note the Freehand import feature now - just hope layers are retained as these are lost in many of the alternatives like Intaglio, Inkscape etc. This is really important to my map making work - see www.

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My files are Freehand 10 but won't open, file names are greyed out too. Opens my pdfs but I lose my layers.

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It is possible that your Freehand files do not include an extension in their filenames. For files stored in the version 10 format, the file extension should be fh10, so the complete file name would be something like "My Freehand document. If there is no extension, try adding the. Progress though.

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I'll keep trying Any other ideas? When does this apply? The designer system requirements page says the same thing. Mavericks was introduced a few weeks after the last Although the software does currently work on Lion and Mountain Lion, they are not supported operating systems, as going forward it may not be possible for all functions to work on those older os's.

Serif Europe Ltd. Because the MAS version is currently compatible and if we didn't then any early adopters on Lion or Mountain Lion would not be able to update to the latest version. We also have a build available to Corp customers from the Affinity store that is not currently compatible with those 2 os's and this way the system specs are true if not complete in their explanation.

Snow Leopard 10.6 Server on Parallels Trouble (Install Freehand MX)

Finally the trial available from the Affinity store is not compatible with those 2 os's due to sandbox issues. It currently boils down to the trust of mac app store sandboxed apps for Maps feature and access to Photos, and so although those os's are working on the mac app store version this way we don't need a big asterix and caveats about except this or that feature in this or that version.

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  5. I'm using High Sierra I bought Affinity because it said it would open Freehand 10 files but so far I've failed to open any. Last visit was: Sun Aug 18, am. Board index FAQ. Board index FreeHand. I am a 46yr old designer who needs to keep freehand going for about another 14 years. I currently am on a G5 with OS I never upgraded to Now with the Lion info. That way I can have it in storage for the day my G5 days. My Question for the forum is, can anyone tell me what kind of Mac I should buy?

    Pro, Mini, Imac, ect?

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    Does freehand work on all of them? Money is not the issue, for which kind, I just want to know that freehand will work on the new computer before I buy it Had my G5 with both a I thought To be honest, I'm still on I guess what you should get depends on the applications you use. You want enough processor and RAM muscle to make your work easy.

    That would be Freehand MX, version Older versions will not work at all. Jul 12, PM.


    Just crossed my noodle. You could also install the previous OS release, Leopard Server That will much more likely be able to run Freehand in a VM. Jul 13, AM. Jul 14, AM in response to soniamp In response to soniamp. Lion and Mavericks:. Jul 14, AM. Communities Contact Support.