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Problem solved. Much easier than you mention. Those are going to be written exclusively for the Windows Environment Win32 api calls MPQ files are Blizzard data files, and those can be saved. Looking at the other files I have in my WoW install folder there's a bunch of other files you don't need, like patch and downloader files I also have a manifest file. That's microsoft specific, but it's also a data file. It should be associated with. There's a bunch of folders you can just delete, because they'll get built automatically by the system. Those are the files that you can keep and copy over if you want, because they're just data files, but they also aren't strictly necessary to have WoW work.

What is it you're optimizing for? I have done this. Download and install game client from the battle.

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Quit the installer. It will download the latest patch executable. At this point World of Warcraft should be fully patched, with all content downloaded. Log in and enjoy! Yea, It is possible. Sign up to join this community. Can you please do an article about how to get a gaming mouse to work with the Mac? Which is how I had half the spells set up. First world problems. The mouse button configs is not support on MacOS as stated on their webpage for that mouse.

But I would suggest in the future finding a gaming mouse that better works with your Mac. Logitech and Steelseris both can cost a bit more but have always played well with Mac. WoW Classic is set to launch on August 27th, the game download will only be about gb and will have requirements a bit below the current WoW. So it should run even better and not a massive download. I can not wait. I have the MacBook Air and could run current wow just fine and ill make sure to send in full info on my classic experience.

Can you play WoW on Mac? : wow

Yes please, I am looking forward! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This free tool uses the data from every game we've ever tested to show you what games your Mac can run. World of Warcraft on Mac: Can your Mac run it? Should you get it?

World of Warcraft on Mac: Can your Mac run it?

You can read more about it below. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller. Razer Core X. And since the game was moved from OpenGL to Metal, performance has gone through the roof, allowing most modern Macs to run it without breaking a sweat.

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TeamSpeex is a third-party client for TeamSpeak 2 servers. It supports only the Speex client however, this is default on TS servers, so it's less likely to be an issue. It, too, has some caveats when it comes to WoW:. This is a single-button mouse with multi-touch capabilities; it supports right-clicking in the same way as the Mighty Mouse that is, by pressing the right half of the mouse while there is no touch on the left side , except this is enabled by default. The Magic Mouse has no scroll wheel or ball: swipe from front to back, or vice-versa, over the mouse to get the same effect as when using a scroll wheel on traditional mice.

WoW recognises this and treats it like any normal use of the scroll wheel or ball on another mouse. By default, the Magic Mouse is set up for "momentum-scrolling" — that is, if swiping a finger over the mouse and lifting it off as part of the swipe, it will continue scrolling for a little bit this does not happen when deliberately dragging a finger over the mouse and stopping it on the mouse, rather than lifting the finger off the mouse during the swipe. In WoW, this has the unfortunate effect that almost any accidental swipe over the mouse usually leads to zooming in or out completely.

If your character appears to have become invisible, scroll out by dragging a finger across the mouse from front to back. Momentum-scrolling can be turned off on the Mouse pane of the System Preferences, but would have to be turned on again if you want to be able to use this when using other programs than WoW.

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Although the standard settings for the Magic Mouse are to support two-finger swipes as well, WoW does not recognise these. However, by installing an extra program such as MagicPrefs or Better Touch Tool , the mouse can be programmed to act as if it has more buttons, some of which WoW will recognise. Using these, it is possible to, for example, make a "middle click" pressing the mouse button with one finger in the centerline of the mouse equivalent to holding down both the left and right mouse buttons, which causes your character to run.

Patch 1. However, these controls only change the orientation of your character, not that of the camera—swimming below the surface of water while water-walking or while dead and in spirit form requires making both your character and the camera point downward. This can only be done using the mouse: hold the right mouse button or equivalent and drag the mouse cursor down. This works better on a Mac laptop with no spare mouse handy. There are a few tools available to fix acceleration in OS X since the operating system has no system options to do this on its own. USB Overdrive is a shareware free option.

It offers a message upon boot, but has no restrictions, and the message can be removed with purchase. On laptop Macs, the function keys usually perform double duty. F1 and F2 control screen brightness, F3 and F4 control volume, etc. Pressing the Fn key will use them as function keys, but you can change them to work as function keys by default in System Preferences. On desktop Macs, screen brightness is controlled by F14 and F On Windows, one can use Alt-Tab and related shortcuts to switch to other applications without quitting WoW. On the Mac, Command-Tab generally serves this purpose, but when an app "captures" the display to go fullscreen on the Mac, it usurps such system keyboard shortcuts even if it doesn't do anything with them.

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WoW and older Blizzard games, since they've been nice and consistent about it can be switched between fullscreen and windowed modes with Cmd-M. You can also use 3rd-party software to be able to change apps without switching to windowed mode:. This will provide the feel of fullscreen while allowing the hotkeys to work for Spaces in Mac OS X The only caveat with this configuration is that upon returning to the game screen, you must click within the game window to fully resume focus and you still can't use Cmd-Tab.

This has apparently met with a reasonable amount of success. A: Fear not, young Leetskilzninjaxx.

This saves the latest frame drawn to a Screenshots folder inside your World of Warcraft folder. You can also use the Mac's builtin screenshot key shortcuts CMD-Shift-4, but these aren't synced with the game's graphics engine, so they may capture an incomplete or "torn" image. Screenshots are saved in the JPEG format by default. This is a lossy compression format—it produces small files, but with reduced image quality. The format of screenshots can be changed via the screenshotFormat config variables.

For example, to switch to a high-quality PNG format, type the following into the chat frame once logged into WoW:. For more details, see the [ Console Variables] section below.