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With Traktor your DJ sessions with be incredible, and not only due to these unique features, but also due to how agile it is to browse between different music folders, establish CUE points for each song and prepare new sessions almost instantly. Take advantage of the complete integrated mixer and its detailed band equalizer system , apply all kinds of sound filters to create new textures and let your creativity run wild by using all the instruments this software has to offer. Download Traktor for Mac and install a complete DJ booth on your computer.

Now you can download Traktor and make the most of this superb product on your Mac computer Vote 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Requirements and additional information:. The trial version doesn't allow you to record and doesn't allow you to use the software for more than 30 minutes. Antony Peel.

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Software languages. MIXTOUR has been designed from the ground-up to offer a compact, two-channel DJ controller layout which allows you to get the party started anywhere, anytime. Working closely with together with Algoriddim, we have been able to develop a fully integrated device that fuses vital mixing functions with a Transport, Remix and FX section into a sleek device. In Hot Cue mode it is possible to set, store and trigger up to 4 cue points.

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By entering shift mode you can also set grids or change loop lengths on the second layer. The strong, durable, full-size control knobs and 45mm Pro-Faders are set out in the same way as a class-leading club mixer. The three-band EQ, gain trim pots, bipolar filters and VU meter switchable between master and pre-fader ensure you have everything you need to perform.

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All controls ensure a high-quality performance every time you play, and the whole MIXTOUR carries with it a sense of solidity and reliability. The unique Reloop Trax-Encoder gives convenient and comfortable control over your music library.

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The full-size load buttons can be used to navigate through the library tabs by selecting the shift layer, enabling quick search for certain artists, titles or genres. This feature allows you to combine an effect and filter simultaneously by pushing the FX-button. Select any effect by simply pushing the Shift- and FX-button at the same time.

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  5. That means you can access directly millions of tracks and mix them on the fly as if they were all already on your device! Spotify and DJAY takes away the need for you to store huge music libraries on your device. An amazing club-ready sound with low latency and low-noise playback best describe the integrated interface for all platforms. The included power supply charges your iOS device whilst mixing. Dedicated mapping files are available on the product website.