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FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced includes all the features of FileMaker Pro 11 plus a suite of advanced development and customization tools.. Advanced development and customization tools Buy FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced Mac If you design databases for yourself or your group and want to build more powerful and more flexible database applications then FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced is for you Buy filemaker pro 11 advanced mac It helps to be opened.


Install this software if you are using any of the configurations listed below. No way— will not even launch PPC app. Office ? Maybe, but no Visual Basic and the updater and installer are PPC, so you have to have it installed in advance of Lion. Personally, I would use Pages to open Word docs works just fine. You can save a Pages document as Microsoft Word docx. So if i already had office downloaded and fully functioning before lion, it should work after its running on lion right?

Anonymous: great question about Office Sorry to say that I don't know yet. All I can tell for sure is that you have a chance at it, since the applications are Intel-native.

I will put Lion on a disk in the next day or two and let you know first hand. You can verify if a program is going to work by getting Info on it and looking at the Kind field.

FileMaker and Mac OS X Lion

If it says "Universal" or "Intel" you should be good to go with that on Lion. You can also look in Apple System profiler's Software tab. Sort by the "Kind" then scroll down for PowerPC. Bluspacecow, that's great advice for the PPC stuff. You may as well be trying to run iPhone apps or Windows "exe" files. No chance at all.

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I would be careful about assuming that all Intel or Universal apps will work fine in Lion. Intel code is an important first criterion but with a new operating system there can be many other ways for a program to be incompatible. Google's Chrome browser doesn't quite draw right. Be sure your printer and scanner software is working and isn't reliant upon a PPC installer in case you have to reinstall under Lion. Most printer brands will have a web page listing compatibility with Lion— check them out.

Yes, I rushed to install the new operating system and my microsoft office tools don't work… yikes.

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  • I wish I had read this earlier…. However, if you only need to occasionally open a Word or Excel document look into Pages and Numbers available separately from the Mac App Store. Here is a link to download a trial version of that. I have been having a lot of problems with my Mac freezing when trying to open iTunes or Mail and when trying to log out or shut down. When trying to open an app, the icon if on dock will bounce for a log time and eventually stop without opening. When trying to log out, the desktop and dock will go away but nothing else will happen.

    Sometimes it will go to the tan screen but just hang. This started while still running Snow Leopard.

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    I had hoped upgrading to Lion would fix things but they seem to have gotten worse. I have tried running the disk utility and fixing the permissions several times usually a lot of problems are found and fixed but still no improvement. I always end up having to shut off the computer by holding the power button. Any suggestions?

    All ideas would be most appreciated. Will that work at the Amazon app store? And if so, how do I apply it? Hannah, the Mac app store and the Amazon app store are separate. Your Mac app store gift card cannot be applied to Amazon's store.

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    Sorry about that, but you'll have plenty of choices with the Mac app store. Haha, thanks… but I just want the updated Office, argh… and I still had a 3rd product key to use from my version…. Do you foresee anything happening ever where will be applicable to Lion? Because now I can't even open my old word files to even edit.. No chance on becoming usable on Lion. However, for free, you can control-click on a Word document and "Open with…" TextEdit. As long as the documents are not too fancy Pages will open them just fine.

    Bonus tip: if all you want to do is view a Word doc click it once to select it, then press the space bar to pop it open. Space bar again to close.

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    Hm… does Pages edit a document like word would? I only ask because I'm a teacher and I make all my own hand outs. Oh my yes. Pages will be great for you and your handouts. You'll love it. Upgrading from FileMaker 6 or prior involves converting the files from fp5 to fp7 which, depending on the number of files and complexity, can be a minor or major project.

    For more information about converting. There are also a number of issues related to FileMaker versions The reason is that Excel and prior uses the. This will impact FileMaker 7 — 11 users.