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Quick Reload: When you are using a weapon and finish off a clip, quickly scroll the mouse whee l up, then quickly back down to the weapon you were using. The weapon should already b e reloaded. This makes it easier when in a gang battle. Get a Motorcycle and park it half way into the entrance preferably of to the side. Get another Motorcycle or a car n earby and drive it into the garage.

Hop on the Motorcycle thats parked halfway and dri ve that in too. Now you have 2 Vehicles in your garage! Take a bike PCJ works well and ride it as fast as you can into the Pole Positi on Strip Club entrance way, but before you get there hop off the bike and let it sl ide all the way to the end. Then enter the Pole Position and you should be standing on or next to your bike. If it is far enough down the hall you can get on it withou t having to exit the building.

Once on the bike and having exited the building you can go anywhere in the game without the distracting buildings and terrain showing up ; they are all invisible. Change your dressings according to your own wish: Updated By Aakash Patil Akola,India. And enjoy your game with 'New Game'.

Hint: Submitted By: Josh S. Munshi While playing the game go to the seaport or anywhere else, just find a truck fl atbed or a car with decals or a coach. And after that you will see that the decals off the cars or the things on the truck flatbed or the name of the coach will change. NOTE:This does not work on all cars Good Bye for now,I will write again.

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Munshi First to get a tank and type panzer without the and then get inside the tank. Now turn the turret of the tank. Make it point backwards.. After that type the cheat onspeed without the. Now go to the Washington Beach and start accelerating the tan k and firing the cannon rapidly.. You will see your tank is in super speed. How to make a tank go super fast: Submitted By: Josh S. Now turn the turret of the tank pointing backwards.. After that type the cheat onspeed witho ut the about times. Now start accelerating the tank and firing the cannon rapidly..

You will see your tank is in super speed about like kph. Hint: Submitted by: ratnesh sonar Email : ratneshsonar rocketmail. If not in game your current game will never be saved. Download location of hidden package, rampage, stunt map and follow them. The Pizza Mission is the most irritating mission in VC. Play it as first as possible at the north of left isle. It ends with the last delivery of level Always throw pizza passing in front of the customer. You can slow down slightly Else they wont see it and wont grab it. It will waste 1 pizza, take time aprox.

Use shortcuts. They save time. To do boatyard mission - checkpoint charlie Believe me you wont be able to do it even with squalo II the fastest boat!! You need to modify it. Load your game. There are two types of cheats in Vice City Game One 1 which corrupt savegames and other 2 which does not. Get the list of cheats from any source. To find 1st type of cheat load a clean savegame enter the cheat and try to save. If you get a message of warning the cheat is of 1st type 1. Else its 2nd type 2. If a savegame is corrupted whenever you'll try to save it it will always warn yo u about it.

You must have skipped something. Download any walkthrough and check it. I know the car doors are loked but then after the cop come outside now when he aga in get inside get into car with him. If not done do this repeatedly. Race chat: Submitted by: Hasib This is not a cheat code but a mathod to When u enter the marker with a bike, the race starts.

Drive ur bike in a good speed that u can control. Trainer: win races easily specially bike races. Don't panic to see them driving away fa U will see that ur opponents are fallin u will gradually become first. Easy rig. Use all the cheats to protect yourself and to have more and more weapons. Use the cheats to increase your wanted level and as the police starts attacking you save yourse lf while defend them and after some time you would see a submarine near your boat.

Using Cheats in GTA 3 for PC

Quickly tupe "leavemealone" to clear your wanted level and then jump on the sumarine and press enter key. Now quickly kill the cops inside and now enjoy driving a s ubarine. You could watch the sharks, jelly fishes etc inside the sea. To increase the value of "Preciousprotection" cheat from to Submitted by: Aditya Kamal Just type profession tools many times.

Tip: use "Aspirine" and other cheats while facing police and destroying helicopt ers. To hijack a plane: Submitted by: Aditya Kamal Use the cheat "Comeflywithme" to fly your car in air. Now fly and reach near the airport, where if you find any plane starting its flight, then just fly your car on the p lane and if there is no plane taking its flight then either wait for one to fly or make your balance in flying a car to reach on the top on any plane which is currently flying in the s ky you need a bit practise to do it.

After you have landed on the top of the plane, get out of your car, go near the head of the plane and press Enter keyyou will find yourself in th e plane the very next moment. Now use "professionaltools" cheat to get rolling machine gun a. As soon as you fired for some time you will find "Plane H ijacked" written on your screen and your account balance will be increased automatically as you have been paid all the money by the passengers of the plane. The only problem is that you cannot fly the plane, so now jump from plane to die.

Enjoy Gaming Hint: Submitted by: G. Love with girls: Submitted by: nihal Press esc and type "fanymagnet" the girls will be love with you. If any body att ack you the girls will attack him. Change vehicle characters: Submitted by: Susan Malakar Whoever you are either good or bad. You can change vehicle's speed, mass, etc Then Drive the car and see what happens.

Your car will be very very strong and very speedy. Only the person who have mind can do this.. If it does not work email at: susanmalakar rocketmail. TRY IT!!! This is a very cool trick. You just have to sit , play and n'joy. Put the cheat 'come fly with me' and then put 'panzer' cheat. Now sit in th e panzer and press esc. Gmae menu will appear. Now put the cheat 'on speed' as many times you w. Again press esc. Start playing, do as many crimes you want. You see the cop cars or trucks flying!!!!

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Hint: Submitted by: adrian lepcha When you are driving a car that i on fire and is about to explode don't panic ju st type aspirine and the car will return to it's normal state. Time to Race: Submitted by: d. Before entering you can see 2 boards that show advertisements on blood ring,dirt ring and hot ring. If you see below them you can see the time at which the races starts.

Unlimited money and armour: Submitted by: sailender Take a police car,a swat vehicle wht evr and press capslk dis enables the vgilla nce mission. Stay Cool. To complete THE DRIVER mission: Submitted by: SK Before starting the race just type comeflywithme to fly all the vehicle as a result the HILLARY can't drive fast with proper control and u just complete the race with medium speed because at high speed vehicle te nds to fly and u can't drive properly. Kill as many people as u can. You will have 5 or 6 wanted level if u do this for some time.

Play as god mode: Submitted by: suyog First pick up a lambordini wining car. Military Helicopter: Submitted by: Xuodin. This Helicopter is located in the Fort Baxter. The shootlist: Submitted by: jkjg In this mission where u have to get phil cassidy to your batallion,go to the amu unition ,enter the rifle range. Quick mission comlete: Submitted by: Somnath At the mall shootout mission, go to the mall. But before climbing up the stairs, type "preciousprotection". Now go up. Pause the ga me press esc and type "bigbang". It would be better if you kill the guard only if you a bazooka.

If not then type "nuttertools" and blow him up or just jump off the side railing. It will reduce the life of yo ur armor only. If any problem, mail me at roy. First you have to put a cheat "getthereveryfastindeed" in the road near th e port and bring it near sea , make it ready to go. Soon Lance will come kill him also with that gun he will be easily killed soon Sonny Forelli will come kill him also with that gun he will also be easily killed and the mission will be completed.

After pressing the capsLock the missi on starts by showing yellow dots the outlaws to be eliminated at this point get down from the tank and get to a distance from the tank and type big bang the level will be completed. Grand theft auto vice city hint: Submitted by: Muhammad Bilal Mustafa If you want to ride on burn car then take any car after this pause the game and the write bigbang after this press aspirin and on the game then press only e you will in b urn car. Get to the other side of vice city easily: Submitted by: ankur chakraborty If you want to get to the other side of vice city easily before all the bridges open,then take a car and type the cheat 'SEAWAYS' and get into the water.

If you have any queries about vice city,then communicate with me through my E-mail ID - "ankuras gmail. First go to goggle then searc h for vice city trainers. Then download two trainers one of them should be GTA Vice ultimate Tra iner the second could be any one with has a feature of deactivate all cheat codes. To make work the first trainer you will have to put the trainer in vice city fol der. Then the trainer will work. Then when you have to save your game then close the first trainer and open the second one.

The n deactivate all the cheats and then no warning will appear at the screen. And now you can save t he game without any risk. And rest of the things I know are in the cheat book.

GTA Vice City Stories Radio for GTA Vice City

If you have any p roblem than mail me at nilesh gmail. Car Bomb: Submitted by: Vinay S. Bhat Do You Know that in vice city you can also make a car into a bomb. Bhat Email: vinayshankarbhat yahoo. Super guns: Submitted by: victor Email: www. Enter it and open the file weapon. Open it with wordtext. Now change all the coloums into s, as many as you like but do nt cut the weapons name and other things that are not nombers.

Delete the original file and play wi th the other file. There you go you have super weapons! Ride on a helicopter Found above the Diaz's mansion, now yours. Fly in the sky as high as you can. Then put this cheat in "wheels are all i need". And see whats happening.

You can t see your helicopter but see it's wheels! Heli wheels: Submitted by: Games master Enter on a helicopter. Then active the invisible cars body wheelsareallineed co de. Dont type this codes. Go more up via ramp till you see a helipad. Now facing the tail of the copter run towards the window and w hile on the edge of helipad jump and you will reach a small room or cabin.

Gta Vice City Money Cheat

In the centre of it is the. I tried a lot but it is undestructible In the averry"s mission demolition man can be completed easily. You can dodge when guards shoot you. Swim through water till you reach docks which is in nor th part. There is a ramp from where you can get into main land.

A bullet proof car! Touch the sky: Submitted by: xman While playing gta vice city hit escape and type bigbang times or you can d o even more times if you want and again hit escape. To make your game fast Do these :: 1. Disable the frame limiter option. Finaly, Make you game's resulation To - X X Now your games run fastest.

You'll able to crash when riding a bike 0r car and Crash to building. You can found yourself in water if you thought that there is relling around t bridge. Pardon me. I dont know the way to get rid of these problems but one solution. Just enable the frame limiter option and there you go. Now everything will displ. Hints: Submitted by: A. Harsha Vardhan When you are in tank panzer ,you can aim not only straightly but also in all dir ections. Just press 4 in numbers line to rotate the aimer of the tank panzer.

It doesn't turn up or down. Longstoppie: Submitted by: vidhan dubey While driving a PCG, press button 9,brake and spacebar altogether to perform a long stoppie. Hint: Submitted by: Jamius Sium It is not a cheat but a great hint. In Diaz's "Phenom Pneh '86" mission you will be go with Lance with a rifle. But it's to hard to kill all of them with the rifle. If t here was a chain gun you can kill them quickly. So you have to type "nuttertools" and the chain gun will apper. Cange color of items: Submitted by: kulpreet singh Email: kupreet gmail.

Open the folder of GTA Vice city. Now open the folder " data ". Click on file named as " particle ". Open it with notepad. Now read the document or read my instructions. Select the category in column " A ". Now see and read about "b" "c" and so on. Now change the numbering. Now, in the game the colors will change.

You can repair your car without any money or cheat code: Submitted by: Gourav Das Buy a car which would have a garage. Take a car which is not in good condition an d put it in the garage and roam around there for few minutes. Then open the garage you will be su rprised to see the car in such a good condition. Chang Tommy Skin: Submitted by: zubair The appearance of Tommy can be altered or changed by editing inside a paint prog ram a skin file. When applied, the skins will only affect Tommy's street outfit, and only in-game , not in cut-scenes.

Reduced Felony: If you want to kill cops without receiving a load of wanted stars, use the main blade of a helicopter and angle it so that the blade hits them. You accrue less "wanted poi nts" this way. Hint: Submitted by: Amrit If you had buy the pole position club, then you have to complete its mission als o. When you enter the club, turn left. Demolition Man: Submitted by: Amrit Email : amritsingh gmail. You will get a radio controlled helicopter to do this, plus four bombs and a seven minute time-limit.

I've heard a lot of people complaining this mission was too hard, so I will try to give some advices in how it can be done easier. And believe me: this mission is not impossible. I managed to beat this m ission while still having minutes on the counter, and it can probably be done even faste r. Anyway, here are the tips: First, and most important of all: you must be able to control helicopters very w ell. Be sure you have your controls configured a way you're comfortable with, and then practise a lot with helicopters, try to do stunts and stuff.

The best training can be found at the airport: there 's a Topfun van parked there. If you get in, you can practise with the RC helicopter in a checkp oint race. Important keys when flying a helicopter in Vice City are the 'look left' and 'look right' keys, which allow you to turn the helicopter without going forwards or backwards.

Once you have mastered the heli's controls, start the mission. After the mission briefing, get in the Topfun van, but do not pick up any bombs yet. First go to the construction p lace to find out what it looks like, where all bombs must be placed and where the stairs are of course you can also do this before the mission starts. Workers will start to attack you when t hey see you, but if you fly very low they will get killed by the heli's blades. Kill everyone at the construction place before you do anything else. You must be able to fly inside the building w ithout hitting any walls or ceilings.

If you cannot do this, then I can almost assure you that you have not enough flying skills to complete this mission, or at least it will be very hard. Notice the way the stairs go and the way the bombs must be placed: the first bom b spot is at the West side of the building, the second at the East side of the building, the third West again, and the fourth East again.

If you remember this you can get to the bomb spots qu icker then when you have to look at your radar everytime. Once all the workers and guards at the construction side are dead, fly back to p. Be sure to have the RC heli facing towards the construction side whe n picking up the first bomb, so you won't have to turn the first time ok, you'll probably on ly win two seconds with this, but every second is important if you can't seem to pass this mission. Now pick it up, and fly to the construction side as fast as possible.

Always kee p your 'lean forward' key pressed. This will also increase your speed. Plant the bomb by pressing your 'fire' button while flying above the bomb spots. Then go back as fast as you can to pick up another bomb, and keep repeating this until y ou've placed all four bombs. Now here's something important: always start by placing t he first bomb on the lowest floor on the ground , the second one on the first floor of t he building, the third one of the second floor and the fourth one at the third floor.

In othe r words: place the bombs from low to high. This is important, because after the fourth bo mb is placed you don't have to go back. If you place the highest bomb last, you won't have to go all the way down again, and this will save a lot of time compared to when you place the last bomb somewhere else. Once all four bombs are placed the building will explode, and your mission will be completed.

Don't ask why, just do it. Yo u'll have to create a lot of chaos, so the chaos-meter will fill up. You must fill the who le bar within two minutes in order to complete the mission. This is not that hard. Just get some weapons with ammo before you start the miss ion. Molotov Cocktails, a Colt together with about bullets and a Rocket Launche r with some rockets will do. Now create some havoc already before you start the mission. A two-star wanted level will do. Then start with the mission.

After the mission briefing, r un immediately to the stairs that lead to the roof of the building opposite the Gre. Get up, and walk to the end of the roof. Now keep messing with your weapons until you have a three-star wanted level. Bes t way to do this is by shooting on police cars with your Colt. Now wait until a helicopte r comes in. The only thing you have to do now is just keep shooting at the helicopter with y our Colt.

Don't destroy it with your Rocket Launcher, since it will explode then, and the bar will only fill up a little bit. If you keep shooting with your Colt however, you'll b e able to fill up the whole bar. Kill any SWAT-members that might come out of the helicopt er. I've also heard about a trick that you can keep shooting on a car, even after it has exploded, but this did not work for me, so it probably only works in the Playsta tion 2 version of the game. An overall tip: play this mission in the afternoon ingame , so you can be sure there will be enough vehicles to destroy.

I once played it at ni ght, and I couldn't get a third wanted-star, because there were no cars at all on the str eets, not even police cars. Once you've filled the bar you've completed the mission. Your wanted-star level remains though. Just save your game, then reload, and your wanted-stars are gon e. NOTE: type the cheats without "". Playing the last mission: Submitted by: Aryan Many people say that they are not able to play the last mission "keep your frien ds close", even if they have bought all the properties all around the map. I'd like to info. More money with non cheating method!?

Then apply cheat "Panzer" you will get a tank then take the tank In the beach on the beach apply cheat "comeflywithme" accelerate the tank o n the beach and press space button countinuesly after some time you will see that the tank b egan to fly in air. Ride a brust car: Then take any car whe n tommy began to sit in the car pause the game and applied the cheat "BigBand" and then resume the game you will exited to see that tommy can ride the brust car which you take when game pa used.

Nitro booster: Submitted by: masterminddtg Email: masterminddtg gmail. Tip: Submitted by: ashish david solomon Email: davidgodfren rediffmail. Easy money: Occasionally as you wander around the city, you will encounter a cop fighting wi th a gang member especially in Northpoint Mall. Once the guy is on the ground, you can continue to kick him and receive the bonus two or three more tim es until the body disappears. This is an easy way to get some quick cash, and do some fi ghting in the process.

Get the mission brief. Drive as fast as you can towards the junkyard. When around the corner from enabl e the "Rhino" code to spawn a tank. Drive towards the guards, blasting them with the t ank's cannon. Once inside the junkyard, kill as many men as you can by running them ov er with the tank.

Grab Lance and make your way back toward the tank. Then, take him to t he hospital to complete the mission. Hint: Submitted by: deepak Email: d. Practically every new gadget is capable of connecting to the web, which means more and more people ar Part 2 of 28 - How to Beat the Business Ta Part 3 o Part Add a little comic book superhero to your Grand Theft Auto game!

This video shows you the Superman mod for the game, where your character runs around dressed like the classic Superman, in blue and red Spandex. You can download the mod here or here. The download is completely f Restaurant City is a Facebook game that allows you to create your own restaurant. Download Cheat Engine. Description of the app on Facebook: In Restaurant City you get to create and run you You'll need to be playing this game on a PC, since that's what Cheat Engine has been written for.

If you are, then just download the program and use the following steps to hack your money in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas! Part 3 of 58 - How to Beat Grand The Sun, fun, murder, extortion, and all of the top 40 80s hits you can stand! Want a pile of coins, Scrooge McDuck style? Restaurant City is a Facebook game that allows you to create and manage your own virtual restaurant.

‘Grand Theft Auto Vice City’: The Top 22 Cheats You Need to Know | gofeqysyjiva.tk

This is the Garbage Guru Trophy Want to be the John or Jane D. Rockefeller of Restaurant City? Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack Restaurant City with Cheat Engine 5. Instructions: 1. Wait until your customer gives you money. Click the flashing rainbow Step 1: Let all your employees be This video playthrough shows the final cutscene and the easiest way to beat the final mission against the mob in GTA: Vice City. Here is a pretty neat cheat to get money passively in Restaurant City in Facebook.

Unlike cheat engine, this is much easier to use and understand. Description of the app on Facebook: In Restau Need a little more cash on Restaurant City? That's easy. Hack money to get your desired amount. Just get Cheat Engine. You need Cheat Engine 5. Description of the app on Facebook Remember that PSP you had? I pretty much dropped mine when smartphones became more prevalent in the mobile gaming scene. Still, I miss the days of PSP gaming.

Early on, Once on the bike and having exited the building you can go anywhere in the game without the distracting buildings and terrain showing up; they are all invisible. For this glitch, you'll need to have the money needed to buy an asset. Go to the asset and to the purchase icon in front of it. Begin a replay and, when it ends, hit Tab and the replay button at the exact same time. Once the replay ends, you should have bought the asset, but without spending any money on it. When you first can, grab the PCJ motorbike. Find the barricades blocking you from the next island.

With these located, go a fair bit away down the street so that you have ample room to reach maximum speed. Accelerate towards the barricade and, assuming you've hit the maximum speed, you'll just go straight through the barricades instead of crashing into them. When attempting to get to Starfish Island too early, there are barricades blocking you, and the footpaths are blocked by a black grate. You can take a motorbike and attempt to slowly ride up the grates.

At some point, you'll be launched at a high velocity through the gate, to the other side, albeit slightly hurt and without your motorbike. For this, you'll need a motorbike and a building you can enter, such as the Pole Position club. Drive the motorbike towards the club entrance in this case and dismount before actually entering, letting the bike drive and crash inside.

Enter the building and then get on the bike. You can then drive outside. You'll be in what is known as the "Ghost World", where most of the game's architectural graphics - like buildings, roads, etc. Using this glitch, you can use the minimap to navigate. The main purpose is to be able to see otherwise obscured pick-ups and weapons and other icons of interest you'd otherwise not see.

When you play the game and get on a vehicle, if you look backwards when driving, no traffic will spawn in front of you. If you know the game's geography well, you can easily speed along to your destination without threat of being knocked off your vehicle. Get a Motorcycle and park it half way into the entrance preferably of to the side. Get another Motorcycle or a car nearby and drive it into the garage. Hop on the Motorcycle thats parked halfway and drive that in too. Now you have 2 Vehicles in your garage!