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Originally developed for Pioneer DJ by French developer MixVibes, rekordbox existed for a good few years as a music librarian and track preparation tool for use with Pioneer's range of CDJs and digital music players. In , rekordbox got a significant upgrade in the form of rekordbox DJ - an expanded 'performance' version of the software with full mixing, effects and sampling capabilities. There are up to four decks of track control, a library browser with a tagging and track recommendation system, per-track and master effects - each with multiple slots - along with a looper, beat slicer and eight-slot sampler.

Where the main version of Traktor offers depth and flexibility, its iOS counterpart is all about ease-of-use, with a straightforward interface that makes it easy to browse and play tracks, as well as mix using faders, EQ and simple effects.

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You can enhance its power with the SuperSlice add-on, too, which offers a neat and tactile way to add scratch, pitchshift and reverse effects. Unfortunately, one of our favourite features — the ability to sync track metadata with the desktop version of Traktor — has been removed. Here's hoping it might make a return in a future update. Mixxx is a free and open-source music making application: not only can you download it for nothing, but the more adventurous can also delve into the code and adapt its feature set.

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As standard, Mixxx features twin decks each with its own scratchable, scrolling waveform iTunes integration, four sample decks, loops and hot cues and support for a wide range of track formats. There's support for more than 85 controllers and timecode vinyl systems.

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Mixxx has recently been updated to version 2. If you don't currently have a favourite DJing app, Mixxx has got to be worth a try. In terms of straightforward DJ features, the software packs four virtual decks, with beat sync and key-matching capabilities. Dex supports a fairly extensive range of MIDI controllers, and can be used with a digital vinyl setup, too.

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A trial version is available to download from the PCDJ site. Try MixPad Multitrack Mixer Mix an unlimited number of music, vocal and audio tracks with MixPad multi-track mixing and recording software for professional audio production.

Learn more about MixPad Like what you see? Effects in Real-time Distortion, reverb and more. Loops and Samples Add loops and samples. Scratch Effect Performing live. Tab Views Playlist, loops, and more. Popular Formats Supports all popular audio formats.

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Cross is compatible with any soundcard that works on your computer. As seen in :.

Professional DJ software. Smart music collection. Edit your tracks. A wide range of MIDI controllers.

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A cross-platform DJ software. Ableton Link integration. Full feature list. Hot sampling. Low, mid and high are colored differently to reflect track structure.