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This little tip will show you how you can delete a lot of files, and certain types of files really quickly using Terminal. Anyway, I am going to use a bit of caution in this tutorial and you should to. To being, open up Terminal. This this tip will show you how to delete every file and folder in a certain directory. First navigate to the folder you want using the cd command.

You can then type the following. Bewarned if you type this straight into Terminal it will delete your entire user area. If you are in the root of your hard drive, it will delete your entire hard drive. That will delete everything in that folder. The -f option will not prompt you about file permissions and delete the files anyway, -r will delete the folders and then and files and folders in the folder and so on and so forth.

The slash dot at the beginning will make sure it will delete everything forward of the current folder and not anything else, a small security measure.

How to Delete all Files from Mac back to Factory Settings 2018

The star is the wild card operator. You can delete certain files by inserting their names separated by spaces. Another trick which you can use is to delete files by file type using the wild card operator. For example the following will delete everything that is a png file. That will delete everything called test not matter what the application extension it uses.

The Finder’s Broken, File-Eating Behavior

You can make the wild card more open by adding the following. That will delete any application that any file that begins with r and the file extension that begins with p. The uses of this are endless.

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For example you can quickly clear out a whole folder in a couple of characters. You could do it within a couple of seconds with Terminal but it would take you a lot longer in Finder. If you want to take your skills with Terminal a bit further I recommend you check out the Terminal Category on this site. Enter your email address to receive the latest tips and tricks from this site to your inbox. Do you want to advertise your products, website or other service on Mac Tricks And Tips? Within each folder, look for the name of the application and the name of the company that created it.

For example, if you were trying to uninstall Word manually, you would look for both Word and Microsoft. A kext extends the communication ability of the kernel, adding new methods of interfacing with the system. This is especially true of applications and games that are ported from Windows to macOS.

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Other more complex applications can deposit files in less typical locations. Delete any associated files or folders from your home directory. In most cases simply deleting the app bundle is enough to uninstall an app from your Mac. Also a valid option! I recently moved to Mac because of a new job. I thought people love it because it gets things right that Windows gets wrong.

How to Completely Uninstall an App on Mac

But really, really this is what I have to deal with on a new Mac laptop running Mojave in For most new Windows Apps uninstall is always there and there are no such issues. Pathetic is all I can say…this should not be remotely a user problem on a modern major vendor OS especially one with a reputation of Apple…just pathetic…. The point, originally, was that app bundles should be self-contained folders that could run from any location. Over time, though, developers began requiring more of the system, sprawling out across the user folder.

This leads us to today, where major apps like Adobe create something akin to a miniature sub-OS on your system. Coming from Windows, it was a major culture shock, but I found enough to like that it kept me from quickly switching back. Stick around for a little while, and once you get over the new adoption annoyances, you might find something you like as well.

Easily Delete Files Using Terminal | Mac Tricks And Tips

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