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Looks like Boot Camp appears to still work fine. Luckily it's not a huge deal for me, but I'd be wary of upgrading until all the kinks are ironed out. If anyone has suggestions to get this setup functional again, I'd be super grateful! Pending : Add my system information and expected eGPU configuration to my signature to give context to my posts.

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We need to wait for Nvidia to release compatible web drivers. Just upgraded to No problems as expected and after uninstalling and reinstalling the patch and rebooting the eGPU works great.

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It even fixed my hot-plug issues. Just install again after an update and it should be taken care of. Thanks itsage and all for your amazing work letting us all use eGPU's. Did you upgrade from HS or Mojave beta? Can you please inform us if fcp x works and if eGPU is used for rendering and exporting? I however use fcp x I'd recommend uninstalling them with DDU then install drivers from Bootcampdrivers. Yeah, I'm using the default drivers. Thanks for the hint. I'll try it out when I need the second display but for now I don't want to risk my working setup.

FCP I tested I wasn't able to use set-egpu. Which fcp version are you using? So, Windows thinks it's an unknown display adaptor but it seems to work fine regardless.

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I do not use it for any display acceleration instead using an external display with my Titan X. But it works fine for having a web browser, YouTube, etc up on the laptop display while gaming or what not on the external display. Would you mind running a benchmark Cinebench preferably without your eGPU being connected? Just to see if there's a performance loss.

I would wait a couple of releases to install on my prod drive as I see that there are some performance issue with GPU in general. This is a playback of the same clip in Davinci Resolve Just disable it in the Device Manager and it should do the trick.

Then one can enable easily on the go. Problem solved! Disabled the dGPU, rebooted and it works!

Both display work. Unfortunately hotplugging is still not working, showing the same error again. BSOD, ks. If you plug in something to the remaining right side port, eGPU may disconnect. After hot-plugging eGPU, you can plug in stuff on left side ports. This also means no need to disable dGPU. You can read more about the investigation from this post onwards. Guys, any of you use razer synapse on macos? More idle curiosity than anything else, as I've moved on, BUT Before Installing Mojave I ran the uninstaller and completely removed synapse. I installed the new version from razer's website after installing mojave.

This is due to new whitelisting preventing unapproved software from interacting with the UI subsystem. It works for me as well as it did in High Sierra. The DPI settings and button mappings do not match between windows and macOS, so I immediately put the mac synapse offline. Additionally, it does not normally configure or detect my naga til I open the MacOS Synapse window and unplug and plug in the mouse after logging in. If I do not do this it uses the default dpi and button mappings.

I have read horror stories about the razer driver causing issues on mojave during login for certain razer devices but aside from the above mentioned quirks its been fine for me. Only thing I noticed was it can take longer to eject the eGPU so don't shut it down and pull the TB3 cable until the eGPU screen goes totally blank and the main screen resumes focus.

No significant changes at first glance.

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