Print header on each page excel mac

If you check the Fit To box, Excel will try to fit everything onto one page—shrinking both width and height as required to make it fit.

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What I often do, though, is scale just one dimension, by entering a really large number of pages in the other dimension. For example, you can make sure your output is scaled to fit just the width of your paper by setting the "page s wide" box to 1, and the "page s tall" box to You can manipulate Excel's print scaling control to make your spreadsheets conform to your pages. Repeat rows or columns If your document is extra-wide, or extra-long, you might want to repeat some rows which may contain data labels at the top or edge of every page.

How to Repeat Specific Rows or Columns on Every Printed Page in Excel

Click Page Setup in the Print dialog, then go to the Sheet tab. Click in the Rows or Columns boxes in the Print Titles section, then click on the worksheet to select a row or column hold Shift and click for multiple rows or columns.

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Just click in the spreadsheet to select one or multiple rows that you want repeated on each page. You can pick from predefined headers and footers via the pop-up menu, or you can create your own by clicking the Customize buttons.

I usually make sure the full path and file are included somewhere, just so I can be sure the version I've printed matches the one I'm looking at onscreen. You can create customized headers and footers in Excel's Page Setup dialog. These are just a few of the interesting options hiding in Excel's Print dialog, but there are plenty more. Go ahead and experiment to see what works best for your needs. Headers Select the Layout tab.

Excel 2011 for Mac: Working with Headers and Footers in Workbooks

Customize the Header and Footer to what is desired. While Page Breaks shows up on the spreadsheet once selected, it can be easier to visualize the finished product by switching to the Page Layout view. The amount of data that will show on a page can also be changed. This will show the page breaks and which data will appear on each page Select the Page Break and move it to the desired column to put all data on a single set of pages by left-clicking and dragging the Page Break.

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Mac In the bottom left-hand corner of Excel, select the Page Layout view. This will show the page breaks and which data will appear on each page. Select the Layout tab. Select Scale and lower or raise the number until all the data fills a single set of pages. There are many parts of a page setup that can be customized to the desired format.

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