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Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Adobe pulls the plug on Shockwave—no, not Shockwave Flash, which is different—today. Dating back to when it was named Macromedia Shockwave, this plugin was used for games, presentations, and other multimedia on the web.

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Adobe is discontinuing Shockwave today, on April 9, You can no longer download the Shockwave Player for Windows from Adobe, although enterprise customers with support contracts can use it for a few more years. The Shockwave Player for Mac was discontinued back in Both Shockwave and Flash were developed by Macromedia, a company Adobe acquired back in Each is a multimedia software platform with a web browser plugin.

Shockwave has become largely irrelevant as Flash gained more and more of its abilities over the years. But the two products have different histories. CD-ROMs featuring point-and-click adventures and educational experiences created with Shockwave were popular in the early 90s and were created by Macromedia Director.

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The Shockwave Player plugin was released in to bring those features to the burgeoning web. For example, Candystand. Most websites can query the OS to see what it is, but you may need to get involved by looking for the right one. What web browser do you use? Feb 16, PM.

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I just recently bought a Mac after being a Windows user for years. I also use Shockwave and I found out that even though you can play games on their website, you cannot download the games onto Macs.

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They responded to an email that I sent them asking if there are games that can be downloaded onto Macs or if the download games are only for Windows computer. Shockwave support stated that even though you can play the games on the website with a Mac, you cannot download them to a Mac and play them. I have also asked them in an email why there are no available downloads for Macs, but I never received an answer to that question. My solution was to keep my old Windows laptop and just use it to download the games that I want to play. As it was also pointed out by XX you could always use Bootcamp to download and play Windows games.

Hope this helps. Apr 27, AM.

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Question: Q: Can't launch Shockwave games? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. We will always try to direct you to the free download pages of the software company site.

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You may of course choose to licence paid-for software from the third party. However if you only want to download the free plug-in you should not be asked for, nor give, any credit card or other payment details. Finally, it is likely that you will be asked to enter personal details name, address etc.

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