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In terms of collaboration, VectorWorks integrates the use of BIM services which enables communication across multiple operating systems with the capability to run the CAD application. When looking for an easy to use drafting tool for Mac, look no further than SketchUp Pro —formerly known as Google SketchUp—due to its intuitive user interface and minimalistic tools.

This application was designed with beginners in mind and therefore, the learning curve associated with its use is far simpler than the other apps on this list. It is basically a 3D modeling tool used for the design of simple models such as construction structures, household items and engineering components. It also comes with a plethora of tutorials and a vibrant community to help anyone achieve design tasks in record time.

Its pros and cons include:. DraftSight was also originally built for use on Windows and Linux operating systems but the popularity of the Mac OS led to a viable product been designed for the Mac ecosystem.

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This CAD application is an advanced drafting tool built to enable construction workers, builders and architects draft components for building structures. Therefore, it comes with an intuitive surface and background processing machinery that aids the user when carrying out task. DraftSight also supports file sharing, cloud-storage and collaboration through its extensive BIM interface built to work across all operating systems it currently functions with.

As this rather suggestive name shows, the CADintosh CAD program for Mac was built solely for designers looking for a digital drafting tool compatible with their Macintosh computers. This application was designed primarily for use by engineers looking to design electrical, mechanical and architectural drawings on the Mac OS. It is also quite important to note that it is a 2D drafting tool with the tools and features required to draw ideas from scratch as well as edit other files downloaded into its user interface. There are 2 types of mode associated with using the CADintosh.

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Deck Design Easily create, design, and experience your new deck in 3D. Pool Design Jump in and get started designing the pool of your dreams today. Customer Review "I planned each renovation in our house with this program. Was great. You could make your room. Add your furniture, was great to see what furniture would really fit since you can get the measurements of the furniture you want to buy.

Create the floor plan of your house, condo or apartment Custom set colors, textures, furniture, decorations and more Plan out exterior landscaping ideas and garden spaces Before you start planning a new home or working on a home improvement project, perfect the floor plan and preview any house design idea with DreamPlan home design software. Mac OS X Although the two previously mentioned products are simple to use and learn, Punch Home Design Studio Complete scored the highest in our ease-of-use tests.

You can choose to start from scratch with the QuickStart tool, which allows you to drag and drop rooms and snap them together. And it lets you shift your rooms around the house with ease until you figure out the layout that works best.

The Top 10 CAD Software for Mac

Punch Home Design Studio Complete comes with a library of 5, objects, including appliances and furniture, but far fewer choices than the best programs we reviewed. However, this program has more than 5, plants to place in your design. Other high-ranking products offer just 1, plant options.

You can build custom fireplaces, cabinets, windows and doors. And the tools are all quite intuitive and easy-to-use. These home and interior design programs work just as well as home design programs for Windows operating systems.

Why use Mac home design software?

The same tools and utilities are there and the functions are similar. In fact, many developers create programs that work on both operating systems.

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Home and interior design programs are all encompassing and typically used to creating new homes from the bottom up. However, if you have an existing home you want to update, either inside or outside, there are programs that are less cumbersome and have just the tools you need for a fraction of the cost of full Mac home design suites.

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Interior design software focuses on the decorative aspects of your home. You can use it to simply change the curtains and rearrange the furniture or for a project as extreme as knocking out a wall and creating a more open floor plan.

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If your only focus is updating your home kitchen, there are specific program dedicated to this type of project. Kitchen design software has advanced tools for creating custom cabinets and plumbing lines. We spent more than hours using 12 home design programs to help you decide which is the best for you. We designed dozens of homes and hundreds of rooms. We carefully combed through all tools, and every program was subjected to a series of tests to measure utility, versatility, ease and user experience. Personal experience was also calculated into the scores.

We took meticulous notes during our testing phase recording likes and dislikes. These were all weighed in reaching a final verdict for each product. Every Mac home designer application we reviewed was either provided by the manufacturer or bought outright.

Live Home 3D — Home Design App for Windows, iOS and macOS

Furthermore, the manufacturers were not provided with our testing methodologies, nor had any influence in our evaluations. We also reached out to professional designers and asked their opinions about casual users designing plans. Home and interior design software has three main functions that we looked at closely during our review: construction design, interior decorating and landscape planning. Here is what we found helpful while using these programs. One of the main reasons to use a home design program is to create 2D floor plans that can easily be converted into blueprints.

These plans include marks for windows and doors as well as separate levels with their own measurements. Photo import features are really useful because they allow you to open one or more pictures of a home you like and save them to use as inspiration while constructing your own plans.

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