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How do you get rid of it? Seems to depend on the app.

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For some apps, you can run the app, then go to File, Open Recent, Clear. Then Quit and restart the app. There is also a setting in System Preferences, General. Try that.

Perhaps with a reboot afterwards it will work. Otherwise, you may be stuck with the list unless you want to try some risky Terminal commands.

Release 7.4 (Build 190625)

Ignoring them may be your best bet. I was trying to find the answer in your index,but i could not find an answer. Yes you are quite right it does seem to depend on the app,because on some apps there is nothing. I have sussed it out.

How to Clear Cache on Mac

I want to write an apple script that will clear the history of "Finder" and "Quicktime". If I know what are the.

I did that too, but be aware that when you right click on the Quick time player in the dock, it still shows all your history there, how to erase and disable this I would. This would remove most of the property lists that store recent. Does Quicktime annoy you by saving your recently played movies under its File.

How to delete quicktime history mac

Remove the daulantraphodec. It'll clear the list in the menu bar, but not in the Dock tile. The trick how to remove Google's secret update software from your macIn "Security". Some Mac users may want to clear caches and clean out temporary files and history, messaging cache, app specific temp files and caches.

These cache data created by the built-in macOS system services that run your Mac.

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