Mac mini 2012 hard drive upgrade instructions

A solid state drive. An in-line digital thermal sensor.

How-To: Now's the right time to swap your old iMac's hard drive for a fast new SSD - 9to5Mac

Apple hard drives have temperature probes inside; third-party SSDs do not. This cable adds a probe to your SSD, preventing the iMac from panicking and turning on its fans at full blast whenever you turn the computer on.


There are software alternatives to this cable, but consider this a small investment that will reduce your need to screw around with manual fan controls while keeping your Mac running perfectly. In all candor, I had no idea how easy or difficult the SSD swap process would be.

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In my opinion, going the Time Machine route is a better idea when starting fresh with an SSD, and it costs nothing. You just turn off and unplug your iMac, swap the drives, then hold Command-R down on the keyboard when first restarting your Mac. This will let you start using your iMac right away after the drive is swapped, without waiting hours for Time Machine, and for better or worse pretty much guarantees that every one of your files and potentially plenty of cruft will be exactly where it was before.

How to give your 2012 or 2014 Mac mini a performance boost by replacing the hard drive with an SSD

For users with plans to swap an optical drive for an SSD, nothing needs to be done to prep software beforehand. Eight Torx screws need to be removed, which is barely challenging at all. The antenna attaches directly to the hard drive red markers , therefore attaching the antenna can move the hard drive around and loosen the connection of the hard drive cable to the logic board.

Do not remove the antenna plate yet. Use the flat end of a spudger to pry the hard drive connector up from its socket on the logic board. Use the tip of a spudger to lift the IR sensor connector up and out of its socket on the logic board. To remove the logic board, the two cylindrical rods of the Mac Mini Logic Board Removal Tool must be inserted into the holes highlighted in red. Inserting instruments into any logic board holes other than the ones highlighted in red may destroy the logic board.

Be sure it makes contact with the top side of outer case below the logic board before proceeding.

How to Upgrade/Replace the Main Drive in a 2012 Mac mini

Pull the hard drive away from the front edge of the mini and remove it from the outer case. Remove the hard drive cable by pulling its connector straight away from the hard drive.

Upgrade or replace the hard drive in a Mac Mini

If you are installing a new hard drive, we have an [invalid guide link] to get you up and running. Cancel: I did not complete this guide. Difficulty Moderate. Steps Time Required Suggest a time?? Sections 1. Hard Drive 20 steps. Flags 0. Introduction Use this guide to completely replace your mini's hard drive.

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