Mac os x snow leopard cache cleaner

For what it is worth I have used ClamXAV for years and it has, from time to time, detected several Window viruses in incoming email attachments. It is very unobtrusive and it works, the unobtrusive part is more than most anti-virus utilities can claim.

Today it has lots of competition and each has its own set of unique features as well as duplicating a host of features of all the others and all of them are dependent on command line features in the BSD Unix kernel that undergirds OS X. Among the numerous other utilities that will clean the various cache files are Cocktail , OnyX , and TinkerTool System 2. My personal choice for cache cleaning is TinkerTool System. Not that it is necessarily any better but in my experience it has the most flexibility in choosing which caches to delete.

In the long run, given the plethora of options and multitude of various features offered by the various tools, if you are going to choose only one, pick the one you like and has the specific functionalities you use most often. I have and use several from time to time based on what my needs are at the moment.

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In your comment, you referenced ClamXAV. Is there most likely a material difference? Also, given that ClamAV or, ClamXAV is freeware, I surmise its anti-virus definitions are more slowly updated which gets to your comment about this feature not being a true selling point. But, when compared to other anti-virus utilities, what's recommended as first in class?

Cleaning Your Mac with OnyX

If you are a Mac user, sooner or later you may face the problem that your Mac storage is almost full. In fact, almost all Mac users face it. This it is a result of daily using a Mac. Over time, users store tons of junk files on their Macs, and regular cache cleaning is in order. This clutter contains caches, logs, mail attachments and other junk files that take up space on a Mac. When you run applications, they initiate collecting files, which we call cache files, and for reuse later.

These cache files are kept in the Application Cache folder. For instance, when you're using the iTunes app, it will store songs and other related data in the cache, like the album's cover and a collection of popular songs. So, cache files are kept on a Mac in order not to download the technical data every time they are needed by the application.

How to Clean My Mac OS 10.7

Even though cached data is usable for your Mac, it can take up much space, and over time these files may become damaged. While the cache files on your Mac can be used by the applications you use regularly, they can be removed for those apps which you run rarely or which you have already deleted but the leftovers still remain on your Mac. Please, be careful while deleting caches files.

How to Clear Your Cache on Mac OS X

In case, you are worried about the consequences of cache removal, make a backup of your Mac using the Time Machine. Alternately, we recommend you to use one of the five specially developed applications, so you can avoid unexpected errors and save your time searching for them.

What is Cache?

Read on to find out about apps and choose a new tech tool for your Mac. Startup Disk Full Fixer is an application from the Nektony company, which provides software for Mac productivity and security. You can download this application for free from the App Store. It takes up 4. Complete the following simple steps to use this cache cleaner:. All cleaned items are removed to Trash, so you can overview them before removing completely.

Overall, the cleaning process takes less than a minute.

Mac OS X Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard Cache Cleaners

To improve Mac performance, they have this software which serves as a cleaner of hidden clutter. When you are ready to clear the cache, click the Execute button. When you click Execute a prompt will appear notifying you that all open applications will be closed.

Launching OnyX for the First Time

Click Continue to proceed. If you decided to continue to clear items before rebooting simply click on the User tab and repeat the steps above.

You can repeat this process with the remaining tabs: Internet , Fonts , Logs and Misc. Each time you execute the clean commands, OnyX will clean up the selected items and then prompt you when the process is complete. If you waited to the end to reboot your Mac between each of the clean-ups, you should reboot your Mac as recommended.