Solidworks for mac os x

Can SOLIDWORKS Run on a Mac?

You have to use the generic Parallels virtual driver. The virtual driver is much slower than using the correct driver running on a normal Windows PC or laptop. The option above calculates the graphics using your processor and a standard library, rather than the graphics card and graphics driver. This is slower but it can provide improve stability and a more reliable display. You are about to be transferred to a section of the Solid Solutions website solidsolutions.

How to run SOLIDWORKS on Apple Mac

Cadtek forms part of the Solid Solutions Group and the page you have requested is best provided through our shared services platform. Running SolidWorks on a Mac. Running on Microsoft operating systems. Download Fusion Pro from www.

Running SolidWorks on a Mac - Cadtek Systems Blog

Boot Camp This is the recommended method as your entire computer's resources will be dedicated to running one operating system. Here's what you'll need to install Windows on your Mac: Windows Sign in to leave feedback. Article ID: Recipient s - separate email addresses with a comma.

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And while we may develop new products in the future that include native tools for OS X, the SolidWorks products we develop and sell today will always be Windows-only. Technically it will, but there are some major considerations. Another consideration—especially for commercial users—is that SolidWorks and our resellers do not officially provide support for OS X installations, which means you may have to sort out any potential hardware or software issues on your own should you encounter them. You can learn more about hardware and system requirements on SolidWorks.

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