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Topic Archived First Page 2 of 2. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Giga Mac Help. User Info: fate Grab the f-er and bait him to the side of the walkoff stage and throw him off the side. I used DK to pick him up near the edge, walk a couple of steps, and throw him off. User Info: Jydehem. Kinda like a Landmaster, but it will feel more like an actual character by how he walks and jump normally, and probably can't hurt just by walking into or jumping on somebody, you'll have to press a button for any attack, so it's also similar to Giga Bowser.

I expect 4 special moves as the total amount of moves he can perform as Giga Mac. Last edited: Feb 26, He does move slowly, but you don't see the dash animation by his feet. Makes me wonder if that's his walking speed. That's assuming he can dash in the first place. At which point he'll transform until he takes sufficient damage, reverting him to normal size. Interestingly, Giga Mac can also use the Star Punch. I just thought maybe he would function similarly to Giga Bowser, who can use the same moves as an ordinary character, if I remember correctly.

It's been ages since I had items turned on. I'm thinking he'll function like a slower running, but far stronger Little Mac. I think instead of being fast and weak, like normal Mac, he'll be slow and strong. I'm thinking that he'll be like Giga Bowser, with powered up attacks and much much slower travelling speed. Apr 5, Joined Jul 22, Messages 1, Location Kalos. Little Mac becomes Ivan Drago, big and powerful. Giga Mac: I must break you This site uses cookies.

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Little Mac's recovery further benefits from his side and up specials travelling farther, while attacks like his forward smash lose their weak hitboxes to deal consistent damage. On the flipside however, his standard attack and forward and up tilts deal less damage, while some of his attacks deal less knockback.

The Straight Lunge is Little Mac's standard special move. When used, Little Mac charges up a punch; during that time, he gains knockback resistance against weaker attacks. By pressing the button again, Little Mac charges forward and hits any opponents in his path with a straight punch. The more it is charged, the farther he travels, but the attack's power does not increase unless it's fully charged.

A fully charged Straight Lunge causes Little Mac to cool down for a longer period, but it also delivers a good amount of damage and knockback upon landing on an opponent. Whenever Giga Mac uses Straight Lunge, it charges to full power at a much faster rate than normal. If used in the air, Straight Lunge does not offer any horizontal movement, unless it is fully charged.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Additionally, its attack power is considerably weaker in the air. The aerial version of the attack is much weaker in power. Also, this move's ending lag is long, which can leave Little Mac vulnerable to counterattacks if the attack misses. In Super Smash Bros. Flaming Straight Lunge deals fire damage, charges more quickly, and can hit multiple times, but deals less damage. Stunning Straight Lunge stuns opponents when fully charged, and travels a farther distance, but it doesn't offer any knockback resistance while charging.

The Jolt Haymaker is Little Mac's side special move. When it is used, Little Mac leaps forward and delivers a downward-swinging punch.

Video Games

The player can press the special button again while Little Mac is in the air to punch early. Little Mac cannot be controlled after using this move, and if he remains in the air after using it, he is left in a helpless state until he lands. Two custom variants are available for this move in Super Smash Bros. The first variation of this move is the Grounding Blow , in which Little Mac leaps up higher and delivers a punch directly downward; this move can bury opponents, and has meteor smash abilities if sweetspotted.

However, its horizontal movement is worse than that of the default Jolt Haymaker, making it a lot less effective for recovery. The second custom variant is Guard Breaker , which is slower, and the jump does not have as much horizontal distance, but it is more powerful, and unblockable. Pressing the special move button again does not make the move execute quicker.

Interestingly, this move has an inconvenient property, where it doesn't offer Little Mac any horizontal movement if used immediately out of knockback. Rising Uppercut is Little Mac's up special move. Little Mac leaps up into the air, spinning around and punching multiple times, dealing multiple hits to any opponents nearby, and ending with a more powerful punch to send them flying.

This move hardly offers any horizontal movement, however, and its vertical travel distance is only about as good as an average jump if it's used in the air. Because of those flaws, Rising Uppercut is often considered to be the worst recovery move in the game. The second is Rising Smash , which deals one blow to send opponents into the air, then a second more powerful punch the send them flying; the move does not have as much vertical distance, however. Slip Counter is Little Mac's down special move.

When used, Little Mac braces himself, and if he is hit while using the move, he then counters with an uppercut, nullifying the original attack and dealing increased damage. The move's two custom variants in Super Smash Bros. Compact Counter reduces the knockback, but gives a reduced start-up time for the move and allows for quick combos after the attack; Dash Counter lets Little Mac dash forward after countering, though he cannot attack while doing so, which can be used as a means of recovering from the air.


Like Giga Bowser , Giga Mac's attacks are more powerful, with most of them dealing 2x more damage than Little Mac's attacks, and they also have greater range, with some of his attacks being able to potentially make one-hit KOs when fully charged. The Straight Lunge also charges at a much faster rate. Along with the power boost, Giga Mac also moves faster, and does not flinch from taking damage. However, Giga Mac does not have a Power Meter, and his aerial attacks are still weak when compared to his ground attacks. Additionally, the length of time spent as Giga Mac is shortened if he takes damage.

When the Final Smash is activated, Little Mac transforms into Giga Mac and stuns any opponents in front of him with an uppercut.

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He then throws a flurry of punches at the stunned opponents similar to Donkey Kong 's Final Smash , culminating with another uppercut that launches them upwards. In Captain Rainbow , Little Mac has been out of work for some time and has become largely obese due to the events of the game. The game's protagonist, Nick, helps him get back into shape.

GIGA MAC lässt uns nicht durch😠 - Let's Play SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE #40

This appearance also appears as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. They all involve Mac beating various opponents with different restrictions, like knocking out Von Kaiser with an uppercut, blocking Great Tiger's attacks while the screen fades out, or beating a powerful Glass Joe. Little Mac makes an appearance as a Mystery Mushroom costume in Super Mario Maker , which can be unlocked by scanning his amiibo or randomly after completing the Mario Challenge on Expert or higher. Upon transforming into him, the bell from the original Punch-Out!!

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