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Trust me, sober or fucking obliterated that movie just plain out sucks.. It's a shame Snoop Dogg sunk to that level but he's just getting paid.. Joined: Feb 13, Messages: 4, Likes Received: 3, I don't think being high would change much. It's not a good movie regardless. Take it for what it is though, a low budget flick about two dudes getting high. IMO I think it'd be better if they didn't even have the school plot, just got high and shit for an hour.

The only good movie with Snoop Dogg is Starsky and Hutch. Joined: Jun 28, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, So they are basically admitted how shitty the movie is? Well that's cool not that I ever cared to bother watching. Joined: Jun 29, Messages: 1, Likes Received: I bought it at FYE 2 days ago Of course I knew it was a low budget movie but oh well..

Too busy But one day I'll watch it soon! He tests out hypotheses via sticking a plug into some Listerine. Of course, Mac stumbles upon the catalyst by ashing a blunt into the mouthwash solution, thereby giving them both what they want and proving that weed saves the day. What kind of people are stoners? More importantly: can we care about them?

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Are we capable of that kind of love? Like, there are long, long montages where we watch Snoop and Wiz smoke weed out of a coterie of pieces, just that for about ten minutes or so: spliff, bong, sherlock, bong while wearing funny hats, bubbler, one-ie, another spliff, gas masks, and then, as if unveiling the Ark of the Covenant, a vaporizer. There are fisheye lenses….

In these excruciatingly long, humorless scenes where a bunch of turds take blunts to the neck and drool out nonsense, using cannabis is workmanlike, pregnant with wasted time and irritating company.

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Have you ever watched someone smoke weed when you yourself were not smoking? Probably not, because there is little else on this earth so boring. Not explained in the plot, but in the sleeve of his jacket. Which: even in his downspiral she offers to bail him out of trouble and get him into Yale.

We're supposed to believe that this guy is in high school? He doesn't just lurk around the high school, but he actively participates and goes to classes. In other words, this is the dumbest movie I have ever seen. Mac is the resident drug dealer.

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He sells pot to every teenager in school and no one really thinks it's strange that an AARP member is selling pot to high school students while being a student himself. So there is plenty of 41 year-old Snoop Dogg walking around high school hallways checking out 17 year-old girls. Devin is the school's smartest student, but his friendship with Mac soon derails him. He starts smoking pot, gets a full body tattoo, and basically changes into whatever Snoop Dogg was like when he was really high school age.

Essentially what the movie is saying is, it's better to be a loser pothead than a person with an actual, you know, future. Any movie that starts off with a computer-generated joint that looks like it was animated by a first-year graphic design student in twenty minutes, is a movie that you should probably avoid. This movie reeks of smoke-filled writing sessions where baked writers tossed around ideas like they were, well, high.

But it's all happening in the assistant principal's office and the PA speaker is accidentally turned on. But the conversation they're having about the blunt makes them sound like they're about to have sex.

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Yeah, that'd be the funniest shit I've ever seen! I could go on and on about how idiotic this movie is. How it doesn't even set out to do what it wants to do. It can't even get stoner comedy right and, really, that should be one of the easiest comedic genres out there. The fact that this somehow got made into a movie is infuriating.

The idea that this movie is actually taking up physical space on hundreds of thousands of Blu-ray Discs is enraging. I don't understand who would buy this movie. I don't understand who would waste their time with it. There's comedy to be had with stoners, watch 'Half Bake' for a good example. This movie is simply a waste of space, devoid of any funny moment.

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There's no need to do drugs.