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Compatibility: Like Mac, Usually, you'll just end up having to buy Windows computer, reformatting the hard drive, and installing Linux yourself. Bottom line. Product Support This driver uses the Add Printer Wizard and offers full support of the printer specific features for Download Google Drive A new way to access all of your Google Drive files on demand, directly from your Mac or PC, without using up all of your disk space.

How to recover data from a hard drive stuck heads Pinterest Create an account or log in to Pinterest. It seems the problem is the init strings.

How to install Python on Mac OS

What init strings should I use? Do you get any errors when you run gnome-ppp? Also it is better to use the version available in karmic repo if you are trying from Karmic. At times it doesn't work until i set the speed to Somehow I didn't see the "awaiting for moderation" and just posted again.

ZTEMT Corporation Modem Drivers Download

I think the errors are posted above. If they aren't good enough, let me know what errors you're referring to. I am not able to install modem software. It will show you if you have a signal etc.

Re: ZTEmt package installation failure

I usually have to modprobe after each hibernate or removal of the modem. Jonas, unfortunately there is an "exe" file, a "dmg" file, but no "deb" file.

How to Connect Reliance Netconnect on Apple Mac Book

It is working nicely. Used below simple method: 1. Plugged the device in USB.

Opened the Terminal and typed lsusb 3. I found the name ":fff1" ZTE modem in one of the listed usb's. Then again typed wvdialconf in the terminal. Than I found the "Mobile Broadband" in the wirless network listing. When I clicked that a dialogue came showing list of countries and list of service providers. I just selected. But still user name and pass not asked!

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To correct this I went to "Network connections" from the menu. There I found Mobile Broadband tab again. I have clicked the edit and found the user name and pass options. Just provided. Then again from wireless menu, I clicked to connect the mobile broadband.

And it started working!! If you have question pls email me at ashrafur. Previously i used Windows 7 ultimate, that time there was no problem. It works well - if you configure with the Network Manager. You shud restart the service once you enter the details. It works for me.

  • I connect it in Ubuntu 14.04LTS.
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  • Download 3.1Mbps unlock Africa mobile zte evdo modem ac2726 usb.
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These are the steps I used to connect with this modem Settings for orange Telkom Kenya in ubuntu The modem pin needs to be disabled. This needs to be done from any windows pc 2. Insert the modem and follow the original comments i. Select it and a wizard will pop up. If you follow the wizard just select Kenya as the country and orange as the provider. All you need is to add the username as: orangefixedplus and the password as: orange 4.

Browsing happily but at pathetic speeds in Kenya. Yea cause orange promised speeds go till 3mbps and even though my signal is full in EVDO i get a max of kbps. I followed the steps to install the modem on Jacky 9.

How to set-up or install ZTE MG880 USB Modem in Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04

Hi, I meant Jaunty 9. The kernel is 2. Adsense 1. Recently i successfully installed ZTE AC modem that came with reliance wireless broadband connection. Below are the steps: Insert the modem in USB interface and see if that gets detected. To make it detected as modem we will use usb-modeswitch package. It is a Switching tool for controlling "flip flop" USB devices. Note that you can also configure gnome-ppp or kpp to connect. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.