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It's that easy! Direct your action with an intuitive timeline - Setting your movements to a timeline makes animation easy to understand.

Anime Studio will create animations up to two minutes long. Add an audio soundtrack to your animation - Add emotion and style to your animations by adding sound. Free Characters - Anime Studio includes Jace, Thorn, and many other exclusive, royalty-free, vector based characters you can use for your own animations.

Free Tutorials - Tutorials and sample files show you how to maximize Anime Studio's powerful features and get you animating right away. Import Your Art - Import your own illustrations or create unique characters for your cartoons. Animate anything within the reach of your imagination.

That's not you, right?

Bring Photos to Life - Give life to your favorite photos. Import digital camera images, attach bones and easily turn your photographs into animated movies. What's New Version Multiple Document Support now allows you to open more than one document at a time, and switch from one to another in a tabbed interface. New Transform Bone tool combines the scale, rotate and translate bone tool functions into one convenient tool.

New Transform Point Tool allows you to move, resize and rotate any point you wish.

Anime Studio 10 (Moho) - Debut & Pro - Activation & Deactivation - Tutorial

More focus is dedicated to your drawings with live Freehand previews. Automatic Image Tracing in Anime Studio Pro 8 speeds up production by automatically converting existing artwork and sketches to fully editable vector drawings. With powerful, vector-based drawing tools and the ability to import scanned drawings and images, you can quickly create your own characters and objects in Anime Studio Pro 8.

The revolutionary bone-rigging system provides a fast and efficient alternative to tedious frame-by-frame animation.

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Add a skeleton to any image by pointing and clicking—then bring it to life while keeping your project organized with the sequencer and timeline. The built-in Character Wizard is the ideal tool for anyone working on concepts or looking for a fast alternative to drawing and rigging each character from scratch. Global Rendering Styles in Anime Studio Pro 8 let you change the overall design of your animation by simply adjusting a couple of settings.

The Photoshop document import with support for layers speeds up your workflow Real Time Media Connection automatically updates image, movie and audio files in your imported Anime Studio files when edited in an external program, allowing you to make the necessary changes on the fly. Anime Studio Pro 8 enables you to create your own 3D objects by converting your 2D vector layers into 3D Objects, and simulated physics allows you to automate parts of your animations.

Anime Studio Debut 8 and Anime Studio Pro 8 released

Import your Poser scenes and combine 2D and 3D animation. Record your own sound clips right within Anime Studio and sync them to your animated characters using the built-in lip synching functionality. Choose from a library of ready-to-use characters, props, scenes, stock audio and video clips, scatter brushes and more to get you animating quickly in Anime Studio.

Compatible with Mac and Windows.

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Now i can make my own anime. Pros: i loved the function system. Cons: nothing was missing. Will not download cause it says its free download but it don't say if the software is free to use or if its a free trial. Pros: n othing the ad looks misleading.

Cons: it needs to say if its a free full version or if its just a free download and you have to pay to use it More. Anime Studio Pro 8. Dreaming of an ad-free web?