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We don't always have the time to keep up with social media, but if you use Screenstagram from the Barbarian Group , it can be a little bit easier. By using your Instagram feed as the screen saver, you can see a 5x8 grid of what everyone's posting or just the pictures that you've liked.

If you're a fan of the classic flip clock, then you'll enjoy Fliqlo by developer Yuji Adachi. This screen saver turns your Mac's display into a giant version of a flip clock. Using the preferences, you can adjust the size and choose between a hour or hour clock.

Top 10 Mac Wallpapers of 2013 (HD)

Continuing with the clock theme, Apple Watch Screensaver from dev Rasmus Nielsen is a classy display that does exactly what you'd imagine considering its name—it mimics the fancy Utility watch face found on the Apple Watch. Check out the guide below for more details. Using the preferences, you can adjust the volume level, background color, and starting point. SaveHollywood also allows you to add multiple videos in case your screen is idle for an extended period of time. Aerial, from developer John Coates , is one of the newer screen savers on the list and provides you with the Apple TV's newest screen saver for your Mac.

With beautiful views of places like China, San Francisco, New York, and more, it's difficult to not like this one. Like most kids growing up in the '90s, the earliest screen saver I remember is the 3D pipes from my family's bulky Windows PC.

Get a Fancy Animated Apple Logo Screensaver for Mac

Feeding the nostalgia bug, developer Jamie Zawinski brings back a classic with his 3D Pipes screen saver for Mac. The display resembles the look of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch lock screen, which includes the date, time, and "Slide to Unlock" text. There is also an iOS 7 version available by Bodysoulspirit. We love it, and we bet that many of our readers will too. One of the best screensavers for Windows is a port of a series of videos used by Apple TV.

We are gamers, and one of our favorite game is League of Legends , so you can imagine how thrilled we were when we found out that Riot Games made an app called League Displays that lets you download and use cool screensavers and wallpapers showcasing the game. The app lets you choose what artwork, images, and animations you want to download and display on your screen, both as wallpapers and as screensavers, when your computer sits idle. If you like the game, this is a must-have, so what are you waiting for?

Grab it now! Download: League of Legends screensavers and wallpapers League Displays. Modern Glance is the only screensaver from our roundup that is distributed via the Microsoft Store. It is also one of the most advanced, as well as one of the most recent screensavers on our list.

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Modern Glance simulates the original Lumia Glance screen that was first used by Microsoft on its Lumia smartphones a few years ago. If you still remember Windows Phones or if you want to try something new, simple and useful, you should download and install Modern Glance. Download: ModernGlance. If you like science-fiction movies in general and Star Trek: Next Generation in particular, you might be thrilled to hear that an LCARS screensaver exists out there, where no one has gone before: on the internet, the final frontier.

Download: System Japan is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and one of the most interesting. Two of the things that contribute to its legend are Mount Fuji and the sakura, or cherry blossom.

5 Screensavers You Need For Your Mac

If you want to feel closer to Japan and see something beautiful, you should try the Japan Spring screensaver. It's peaceful, warm and perfect. Download: Japan Spring. This screensaver, referred to as "sheep," uses images that are downloaded through a working internet connection on your computer.

While the screensaver runs, you can vote on the "sheep" presented to you, which influences the central database's choices on which kinds of "sheep" are the best. Several of the "sheep" can be quite mesmerizing and even artistic. If you are interested in what are often beautiful computer-generated images, this program is worth a look; even if you do not necessarily need an actual screen saver.

Get a Fancy Animated Apple Logo Screensaver for Mac

This screensaver shows the month, day, the day of the week, hour, minute and second, on six bars that gradually concentrically circle the screen as time passes. It is an interesting display, and we bet it'd be especially cool to have this one running for the New Year's Eve countdown! Once you have it installed, the screensaver runs its design just like the Mac version and is both mesmerizing and simple at the same time.

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It is interesting to know that, even though it was an original deviantART creation, it can no longer be found on the deviantART website. However, it is still available to download in various locations on the internet, like the one below. Here is another collection of best monitors for MacBook pro laptop.

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When the screensaver is active you can watch playthroughs of multiple games or you can select a game and start playing right through the screensaver when you are taking a break. You can play a game from the beginning or right from where the screensaver left them.

If you use an iOS device , then this screensaver is for you and your Mac. Webview is one of the most decent screensavers for Mac. Webview shows you any website you want as your screensaver. It is easy to customize and you can add your desired link to a website or your own website.