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The number under physical address is the MAC address. If multiple IP are displayed, you should look under the label "Ethernet adapter x", where x is the name of your connection which is Local Area Connection by default.

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You can spoof the MAC address very easily, on Windows 7 for wireless adapters or with this programs, Macshift v1. All you have to do is click a few buttons. During this operation, you can select a different manufacturer or generate a completely random MAC address. Related Posts: What is the maximum length of password in Windows 10? This starts the Windows registry. This holds the network card settings for your adapter.

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View the full MAC address. The MAC address is a character alphanumeric label. The characters in the opened window are the physical address of your network card. According to Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency has a system that tracks the movements of everyone in a city by monitoring the MAC addresses of their electronic devices. If random MAC addresses are not used, researchers have confirmed that it is possible to link a real identity to a particular wired or wireless MAC address.

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How to Change MAC Address on Windows | Ethical Hacking Tutorials, Tips and Tricks

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Change MAC Address in Windows

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How to Change or Spoof MAC Address in Windows / Windows Server / macOS / Unix / Linux

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