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Specific requirements and an alternative approach for older versions are discussed further below. Opening the. The brief video embedded below demonstrates a sample of an iPhone screen recorded through the Mac using QuickTime as described here, the video is :. If you do not meet these system requirements or are running prior versions of system software on the Mac or iOS device, older iOS devices can record their screens using Reflector, a third party app covered here , which is a viable alternative and works great for older hardware.

Of course, newer devices and newer Macs have no need for third party solutions as the wonderful QuickTime Player app more than meets the need for recording high quality video of any connected iOS device screen. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

Enter your email address below:. It allows me to choose it, but there is no sound on the recording. I could use the computer mic, but if the fan is running, the recording is noisy. Yes it does. This works on every Mac it does not matter what model year it is, the feature is built into QuickTime which comes with every Mac. I also have a problem.

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I can see the iphone in the list but the image of the iphone does not show up. When I click start recording button nothing happens. Only the stop button shows up. But if left idle, the screen will freeze. Which is a problem, as I use this feature to demo apps on Conference calls and toggle between slides and my live demo on the phone.

That did it for me.

How to Capture and Record an iPhone or iPad Screen Video?

Yes everything is up to date. It will not work under any circumstances. Quicktime does not recognize the device connected to the computer.

OS X Yosemite: Record iOS Screen with Quicktime!

No audio options, no video options. Please do not repeat the same suggestions. Enough people have expressed this issue given the steps provided — the issue still exists. I just wanted to reiterate what Mike has said. I would love to use Quicktime to record a tutorial for teachers I work with, but it is not reading any of my IOS devices.

How To Use Your Mac To Record Your iOS Screen With Reflector [OS X Tips]

I would really appreciate if anyone has any other solutions? QuickTime on new versions of MacOS contains the ability to record the iPhone or iPad screen, assuming it is connected to the computer with a USB cable, and all devices are compatible. Is the device found in iTunes? Try new movie for a new screen recording, and then selecting the pulldown menu to show what type of movie and that is where you select the device to record the screen for, it is where the iPhone will appear.

The ability to record the screen requires modern versions of Mac OS and iOS system software to be installed too. Older devices and older software do not have the ability to record the iPhone screen. I was having the same problem as everyone else. Once I opened iTunes to check that my lightning cord was not the problem then Quicktime recognized my phone and I was able to record my screen! Is there a way to get the iphone camera to not show the onscreen buttons? But when the camera app is on, the onscreen buttons display and get captured on the QuickTime video.

Yes, step 4 indicates you must select the iPhone, after it has been connected to the Mac, as the camera source, in order to record the iPhone screen. My only option is my Facetime HD built in camera on my mac. As mentioned — I am having this issue also. Find out how. If you have Mac OS X To start, connect your iPhone to your Mac using a lightning cable and launch Quicktime Player.

Click the File menu and choose "New Movie Recording. If you want to record audio as well, change the microphone to your phone as well. This will allow you to record whatever you're doing on your phone. Not all apps will allow you to record the screen, such as Netflix. I also am trying to use quicktime to record my phone screen and I cannot get it to work. Any suggestions? Is your phone on OS X or above and which version?

Is Quicktime player up to date?

How to Record iPhone/iPad Screen on Mac Easily

Just want to ask when i follow the steps for the MAC, when i go beside the record button, my iPhone doesnt show there.. Meaning I only can see myself on the Mac Screen. Is there a fix to this? Is your phone at least on OS X? Need Your Help.. Hi Sylvain, why is it necessary to jailbreak the phone? Is there a restriction in iPhone to not be able to record the screen? It seems strange that there is no app to directly record the screen from phone. AirShou used to apparently allow to record the screen with no jailbreak, but it seems they have pivoted to mobile game streaming.

Do you know if there is a corresponding function on Windows PC? Hi Peter — what do you mean by corresponding function?

How to Record iPhone Screen with QuickTime Player on Mac

I have downloaded a free trial of Debut video capture, than bought it. They claim it works for iPad but it does not. Tried the Apowersoft software and experienced some lagging,. Great article!! Wondering if any of these options allow you to record you voice along with recording the screen.

Without doing a voice over later. Do you know some kind of solution where a camera is mounted on the iphone to record both the screen and fingers?! I want to avoud having the camera lying on a table under a camera. I want the ability to move the iphone around while the recording is capturing the same area on the iPhone. Even if mounted on the iPhone, there are chances that the camera will move and quality suffers though. We are currently coming up with ways to shoot live video AND have a great-looking screen using screencast, but it requires some more equipment. So it would be fair to think it also works with the HDMI capture card as well.

Good solid article. Too bad. I tried to contact support, no luck. FYI… for those considering it. Hi Trace, thanks for your feedback. Hopefully they fix that. Oh well. Is that even possible? Just seems like such an simple problem to not have a good solution for. Anyway, keep up the good work! Great article Sylvain.

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Hi Sylvain, Do you know of any app that will run in the background which shows your fingers gesturs or taps on the screen so that you can record that aswell using the mirror function? Hi Alex. When we make videos for our clients, we add it afterwards. Hi Sylvain, what do you use to add it afterwards? Or am I overthinking it?

Hello Sylvain, I am looking for a screen recorder. For example, You click record then you play your game while its recording. I dont really care if it glitches i just need one! Your email address will not be published. We produce App Preview Videos.