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This tends to be work best left to people with an interest and distinct skills in information technology. It was a student project to create a modern and free system to distribute announcements and information across campus without the campus-wide e-mail announcement lists and paper posters. It has remained open source and is still in active development.

A software company that grew out of RPI now markets a commercial, hosted version of Concerto. However, active development on the software stopped in It started as a university project in There is a low-cost version of Xibo, called Xibo in the Cloud. Supporting video walls, screen zoning with overlapping and depth order, and dynamic content, it is designed to be driven by any network-based content management system CMS.

OpenSplash does not have a CMS, and therefore is not a complete signage solution out of the box. The value for resellers and manufacturers comes from using it to build solutions. Screenly is a commercial digital signage platform built around the Raspberry Pi micro-PC, but it has a pair of free options.

The commercial product has a limited free license, but more to the point, there is Screenly OSE. It is free and backed by the user community and maintained by the software firm WireLoad, which is behind Screenly.

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All you need is a Raspberry Pi and a TV to run it. They have about 10, accounts in countries. The Rise Vision CMS is fully featured, they offer hundreds of templates, and they release new content every week to make keeping your displays updated easy. The company also now has a commercial cloud version. It has a spectrum of versions, including a free one that has limits on functionality and none of the templates that come with paid versions.

Storage is also limited in the free version. There are no subscription fees. Mvix sells signage players for a one-time, upfront cost — bundled with the web-based software. The service is built around Android players. Users driving just a single device get unlimited accounts for free. Yodeck has its own hardware player that uses the Raspberry Pi 3.

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PlaySignage is a Danish company that offers a free version of its software to drive a single screen. It is a fully featured version of the commercial account, the hook being that screen 2 and on cost a monthly fee to manage. Play says what sets it apart from competitors is a slide editor based around HTML5 canvas technology.


PlaySignage is a product of a software development shop founded in Linux is supported via Chrome extension, but a native player is also in the works. Users pay a premium for the devices when compared against countless Chinese set-top box players , but they get access to free BrightAuthor software.

Setting up your Mac mini with ScreenCloud

BrightAuthor is described as a PC software application for BrightSign that makes creating, publishing and managing BrightSign presentations simple and dependable Ce labs : Like BrightSign, Ce labs markets high-reliability media players for signage applications, and bundles free management software. QuickSign Pro Designer is a FREE, fast and simple content management software tool that allows you to quickly layout, deploy and manage your digital signage content.

Chrome Sign Builder is described as a digital signage utility that allows users to schedule and display content across your managed Chrome device. Set-up involves pointing to Web URLs and scheduling the devices to call them. Blogs like this one, and millions more, run on WordPress.

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Digest Valuable reading and docs. This is particularly exciting cause you can take advantage of the mighty all-in-one Mac Mini. You may notice something missing from this Mac mini: the power supply. Actually, its power supply is built in. Are you a full Mac house, we can help you stay that way By providing full support for OS X, MediaSignage is helping businesses that are built around the Mac platform, well stay that way.

This means that you can manage all your remote Mac Minis directly from your favorite Mac workstation. With MediaSignage you will always receive the latest software updates just like all the other Windows and Linux users. So you can manage your Digital Signage network knowing you are using the latest feature set. We make it easy, just like Mac users are used to! So are you ready to get started.