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A prompter is packed full of features to satisfy the most demanding of video studio situations, yet easy enough to use anyone can do it.

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And since version 2. Version 2. This new version fixes saving of queue files. Additionally, if there is a feature that you need but isn't yet supported in A Prompter, you are invited to email the author to request the feature. Are you using Mac OS X version If so, you need to set the Security and Privacy system settings to allow applications downloaded from Anywhere.

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After A Prompter is installed and running, the system setting can be returned to a more secure setting. Sample karoke lyrics and music for A Prompter 2. These features are available in version 1. These additional features are now available in the OS X version as of the 2. A Prompter Feature List. A Prompter is already in use in many fine video studios. Mac users rejoice.

You can set up a teleprompter on your iMac or MacBook or MacBook Pro, and use your built-in iSight camera to create and deliver stunningly professional video presentations with good eye contact.

Teleprompter Training

Your Mac is a camera and a teleprompter. Not only can you set up your Mac as a teleprompter, but your iSight camera makes it easy to record and distribute the video. Using your Mac and iSight camera is a great way to practice speeches, work on oral arguments, create presentations.

With a few additional and expensive tools, your Mac can substitute as a portable teleprompter, perfect for on-the-go situations. Where your Mac really shines is as an all-in-one device; teleprompter and camera. A teleprompter is a device that prompts a speaker with an electronic visual text of a script or speech. A good teleprompter sites between a camera or audience and the speaker so direct eye contact is maintained.

Create your speech or presentation, then copy and paste into AquaPrompt. Set the background and text colors, and control the scrolling with a simple slider or the keyboard. Set the teleprompter up in an auto scrolling, resizable, moveable window, with full screen and mirroring capability. Place the window right below the iSight camera for better eye contact.

ProPrompter — more features comes at a price.

The Basic version comes with adjustable screen size, copy and paste, Rich Text import, single screen scrolling, selectable background and text colors, and variable scroll speed. With the others, it was a frustrating string of stops and starts and restarts. Highly recommended. This is a very good app for scrolling the content. It has many functions that allow control of speed, etc. However, I wish the window was a little easier to handle the text size automatically adjusts larger or smaller when resizing the window. I guess I will get used to it with experience.

It also lacks a line-spacing control.

Telekast Teleprompter - FREE Software - A Short Tutorial for Public Speaking

Hi Wallyrocks! We've added line spacing controls in the newest version.

Prompt teleprompter for Mac OSX

The text changes size so that the actual line width remains constant. This way, the way the text wraps doesn't change based on the size of the window. This means that Teleprompter can render the same script consistently even on multiple windows or on other devices. It's definitely a trade-off, as the text can get larger or smaller depending on the window size. However, we think it's the right decision for a more consistent experience in most cases. I looked around at about 10 free and paid solutions for having a computer-based teleprompter and this seems like a solid program for the money and it is!

Great features not the least of which is being able to control the timing of the scroll to a predetermined time limit, in my case 10 minutes.

Power Prompter free download for Mac | MacUpdate

This will do wonders for me as I have a tendency to ramble and get off topic. Have only worked a little with the remote control, but it works fine from what I have seen so far.

The Mac teleprompter made for content creators.

If you have any doubts, I believe this program is worth the money. You could spend a lot more, but if you are just doing solo work like myself, this program handles it and then some! Get it.