Ping an ip address on a mac

How to Use an IP Address to Find a MAC Address

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How to Use Ping from Mac OS X Command Line

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This can help you identify whether your network runs more quickly or slowly at certain times of the day, or whether your Internet connection really is slower than it used to be. Each line displays the size of the packet that was sent, and the time it took this packet to come back — the lower the number, the better! You can also use the ping command to send packets of data to another device.

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If your Mac is having difficulties connecting to the Internet, then you can use this technique to test whether the connection between your Mac and the router might be to blame. Your Mac will then send some data to this address, and display how long the data took to perform the round trip.

How to run a ping test | iiHelp

You perform this check using In Terminal, run the following command:. You now know exactly where you need to focus your efforts, in order to restore your Internet connection. This application is a bit buried in the file system, so the easiest way to launch it is via a Spotlight search:.

how to ping ip address on mac

Your Mac will now perform your ping request, and display its findings in the Network Utility app. Jessica Thornsby is a technical writer based in Sheffield. She writes about Android, Java, Kotlin and all things Apple.

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