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Altacast is a free program that can broadcast audio to multiple radio servers as a standalone encoder or as a Winamp plugin. You can also use it for recording. By default, it only supports Ogg Vorbis. To add more formats, you download the appropriate DLL files, like the lame. It also allows you to record audio and setup multiple Icecast and Shoutcast encoders. The paid version has numerous advanced features including VST plugin support, Icecast SSL support, email support, logging, unlimited simultaneous streams plus more audio formats.

RadioCaster is an excellent encoder program from djsoft. This encoder can capture sound from a playback device e. RadioCaster can also retrieve the metadata from different sources including a text file, URL, or network stream. And should you get bored with its appearance, you can choose from 26 styles.

NexGen is also a radio automation software by RCS, currently used in more than 2, radio stations around the world. If you use a radio software and strongly feel that your peers should know about it, — put it in the comments box.

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Zara 1. Only drawback is that Win10 updates may cause issues. Yes, does metadata reporting. ProppFrexx is a complete software to make the best radio. After testing 7 broadcasting software Proppfrexx is still the best. The biggest problem with PlayItLive is the lack of database. Some tracks get played far too often, others are under played. Rivendell — totally free radio automation running under Linux. Installing it can be a bear but it runs for months without a crash or a reboot. Not just for hobby users, it is also running three radio networks in Washington DC.

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I help with a noncom FM station and we have been using Zararadio for 4 years. It plays external streams directly and can run batch files if needed. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. OR are you The intro:. Yes depending on the database you use. Now here is the best part: By default, this is the configuration you get, but you can customize the desktops and add or hide any window. A desktop can display all the windows, as long as you have space on your monitor:. No problem… In addition to customizing the desktop views, you can open a second main window and add the features you want.

Adding music was fast and effortless! Alternatively, you can create categories and import music using the File Explorer. Loading songs to the players, Queue or AUX players is equally easy. You just drag and drop! You can run SAM Broadcaster in three modes. The Web scripting based logic module -which plays songs from online sources.

The Weighted playlist rotation logic module -which prioritizes the most played songs. Mic control on an another level! Voice-tracking was not great. You will need to setup the cross-fade correctly. So… You may have to play around with the cross-fade and gap killer settings for precise transitions. Setup Guide. Price: Free. Why am I recommending this?

You download the full program. Then, you need an external database. Let's see some of the features I liked:.

What are some of the actions types? You can see the intro and outro of a playing track. First class cross-fade. You get 30 slots to add your sound effects, and you can change the color of any instant player. For instance… When an artist sends you a track, you can directly add it to one of the auxiliary players from the File Explorer. So, how do you adjust the number of your aux players? We liked it: Because of the numerous predefined genres, categories and subcategories. AltaCast plugin. And it was quick! For the trial: You get uses of the fully-functional version.

Like NextKast, you will not need a third-party database to store your user data.

Mac broadcast automation and scheduling.

A powerful event scheduler. Easy track rotation with Playlist Generator Pro. Again, you'll enjoy creating a rotation. So, how do you go about it? You launch the Playlist Generator Pro, create categories and define the repetition rules. Add a web browser as a work zone. The built-in encoder supports all the popular audio formats.

What we didn't like:. Just one player! While this is limiting… You can add more than one aux player, and each aux player supports a mini-playlist. PlayIt Live V2. And we found some nice features in the PlayIt Live playout system:. An intuitive interface. To start track rotation, we just enabled Auto DJ. Segue editor. Advanced scheduling with the Playout Log and Clocks. Secondly, you can create hour-templates called clocks. Here, we have created an hour template. PlayoutONE V3. It's also budget friendly. Yes --and you'll need also install the Microsoft SQL server.

The main interface is simple and uncluttered. You'll notice the lack of a drop-down menu. Before coming up with a playlist, you import music into PlayoutONE. You can do this in two ways… First, by adding music tracks one by one. What's more: You can set each player to use a different sound card. Here, I created a profile with two categories; 00s and promos. After creating an AutoDJ profile, you can save it or use it to generate a playlist. Moving on Voice Tracking is fantastic! You move the waveforms for a perfect transition. The Quick Keys. Could this be your next radio automation software?

Yes --and it comes with a built-in database: You download the setup file from the Download page at mairlist. And install it. When you launch mAirList, a window will alert you that no license has been found. You can run the program in demo mode with some limitations. Get acquainted with the program before use. So… Consider reading the tutorials at the mAirList Wiki. Advanced playlist editor. To add songs in the playlist window: You click Insert from the top toolbar and select Files. For instance, we added our music folder and renamed it as shown above:.

Voice-tracking was okay. Recording and adding voice tracks in your playlist is quite simple. Now, here is the best part: When you click the record icon, the tool plays the last ten seconds of the preceding track. A flexible event scheduler. Music scheduling with mAirListDB is a lot harder. If you want to create playlists automatically, you first create a new database and save it. This process took substantial time and effort.

And this is only the beginning… Since mAirListDB uses an hour grid for scheduling, you'll have to generate playlists of 60 minutes each. Generally… Creating a rotation in mAirList will demand a lot of time and learning on your part. Built-in encoder with audio processing. If you installed the trial versions for Creator and Studio, you'll have 21 days to use them. So what's nice about this radio automation program? Excellent playlist editor. Nice track tool for editing intros and outros.

A robust built-in encoder. What I didn't like:. The interface!

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What's more: In PlayIt Live, you access your carts in a panel appended near the bottom. In Studio, carts are on a separate window. One main player. Will you need StationPlaylist Creator? It was not the case: However, we found Creator easy to use. Without Creator, forget about leaving your studio unattended! Playlist Studio offers its programs separately or as software bundles. NextKast Pro v5. Can it do this job to your satisfaction? The difference between the two is in the number of features. How was the interface? The interface wasn't spectacular. Playlists and rotations you've created remain at the bottom panel.

I liked having the sample buttons on the same window, which made them easy to access. Importing music was a breeze! Creating categories is the first step. Then, you add your music from the File Explorer. Generally, creating categories and adding music was quick and easy. Building Playlists and voice-tracking was also a joy. And is this hard to do? Not at all: You select a category and drag songs to the playlist.

Scheduling a playlist. In summary, the scheduler worked well and was simple to set up. What about creating rotations? Mixxx is free with no catch! You download the setup file and use the program with no worries. You can find the setup instructions in our Mixxx setup guide link included below. Getting started with Mixxx. Here is the best part: You can chain effects together to create one effect unit.

Encoder for live broadcasting. The screen can quickly become cluttered. We gladly reviewed the latest version: Virtual DJ —which has some new exciting features. Getting started. Elaborate automix feature. A Perfect Match Thanks to our advanced color detection technology Radium's entire user interface automatically adjusts to fit your content perfectly.

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All Play Radium does all the work, so you don't have to. Better Together With Radium's iCloud support, you can finally keep one set of favorite stations across all your devices.

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Real Content Why listen to the same 12 songs on repeat, when you can hear to music, news, and feature programs selected daily by professionals? Better Every Day New stations added every day. Something for everyone. From conservative talk to progressive metal. Sounds for every occasion. Not just a pretty face. Beautiful and functional. Minimalistic and advanced. Jam packed with features. Wish List Add favorite tracks to your Wish List. Broadcast any audio that you have on your computer: support for audio capture from any computer input or playback device.

Watch Demo. RadioFX Charts. Station Login. Contact Us. Free Encoders Scroll down for paid encoders. MB Recaster. Sound Empire Caster. Internet DJ Console. PlayIt Live. Paid Encoders. SAM Broadcaster. SAM Cast. Rocket Broadcaster. StationPlaylist Studio. StationPlaylist Creator. Virtual DJ.