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All Premier, Football League and Conference clubs with all other clubs with a starting reputation of or above will field their reserve teams.

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Allowing the lower club first teams to compete increases competition and a vital source of income. Unfortunately the cups are not dynamic, so if you are the manager of Hungerford, for example, will always field their first team, even if you get them to the Premier League. If you are not interested in the County Cups I have provided a second download with these competitions disabled.

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The editor is limited in what match and competition rules can be input. As an example, clubs in Levels 7 and 8 are only permitted to give a player a contract, known as League Forms, for one playing season only. The Rulebook PDF is combined within the file download. Please PM me if you wish to discuss link the download to your site. Like Like. Of course. Fantastic database! Hope to see it next year too!

If you look within the. Hi Ron, Will you be releasing a version for Football Manager ? I loved being able to play as my local team Frome Town in FM It seems I was running another transfer update as well and apparently running both at the same time was coursing the problem. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Like this: Like Loading Great database! Just wondered where is the FA Vase? Ron April 28, pm. Tom Iggy April 29, am. Lee Townsend September 29, pm. Does this work on Mac? Ron September 29, pm. Does anyone know how I can access the FM11 editor from Steam? I'm on Mac and can't find it in any of the folders Steam downloads to and sets up shortcuts in. I've looked all over Steam but also can't see an editor in there either. Not sure how to open it though as its an exe. Not true. Bought the CD version last year the editor was installed on my Mac along with the game.

Didn't have to anything special or anything. Is a bit weird, and slightly worrying, that it's absent.

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Possibly an oversight on the Steam delivery side of things if anything or perhaps it's buried away somewhere off the beaten file path. I wish someone from SI would coment on this. Are we gonna have the editor tomorow or is it in some other folder?

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I would be unhappy if i couldn't have the editor from the start just cos i have a Mac. Might start working after activation?

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But yes I'm having the same problem. Pre-ordered the game and I'm not gonna be happy if there isn't an Editor for the game. People should come here with comments that would help Mac users not stuff like that.

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  7. Anyway did anyone find out how to use the editor on a Mac? It has been available for the last couple of versions so I would think it would be available for this one too. Seems unlikley to just remove it. I find it amusing that people are wondering why SI haven't replied to the topic, when at the time of posting the staff were most likely to be asleep. It's worth noting that it's not unlocked yet on Steam so you may find it'll work no issue on Friday. I agree, asking for SI to jump onto this topic immediately is unfair considering how busy they must be with absolutely everything right now.

    I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation or solution to the editor situation.

    How To Fix Football Manager Application Error (Crash Dump)

    Suggesting that they're withholding the editor from mac steam users is a bit dramatic. Obviously something has been overlooked or gone slightly wrong in the install process or when SI sent over the game package to Steam. It could even still just hidden somewhere ridiculous with a different filename or something. Hopefully we will have the editor come but if we don't i wanna see if people gonna be as understanding as they are now.

    Well, I know where Editor is. But the app doesn't launch. When I open the editor the icon just bounces up and down in the bar at the bottom and then quits. Whenever I try to open the editor icon located at I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling from Steam but that didn't fix the issue. Any help would be massively appreciated as i've got a group game with my housemates that requires use of the editor and we can't get started until we have access to it!

    Okay, I'm not sure if anyone still reads this one, but I just recently downloaded FM through Steam. I've read on where to find the editor, and I see that it will load the