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It's the catalyst that creates dramatic, human stories of betrayal and heroism. Unlike the battles EVE's players fight, this isn't a conflict against another rival group of pilots, but a rising epidemic of 'botters' using third-party programs to automate EVE's most tedious and reliable ways of earning ISK, EVE's in-game currency.

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It's been an irritation among the community for over a decade, but a recent revelation by one group of players has brought the issue into the spotlight. Several weeks ago, a player named Stu Miner, logged on expecting another routine evening in his wormhole-exploring corporation Hotline K By chance, his home system had a wormhole that bridged millions of lightyears to the region of space known as Omist.

Known as a strategically useless backwater area belonging to the largely Eastern-European Drone Phoenix Federation, Stu Miner decided to poke around and see if there were any targets of opportunity. While these massive ships are a powerful force on the battlefield, supercarriers serve an equally useful purpose.

Called 'ratting,' players will take these ships into 'anomalies' filled with computer-controlled pirates and kill them, automatically collecting their bounties in the process. If you can kill these pirates at a reasonable pace, which supercarriers do, it's one of the most reliable and boring ways of making money in EVE Online.

Bots are threatening EVE Online's economy and players are fed up | PC Gamer

Suspicious that these seemingly separate characters were all actually one player running a script that plays multiple instances of EVE while the actual player is absent, Stu Miner set a painfully obvious trap. He flew to the anomaly the Nyx had been ratting in and placed a single warp disruption bubble, which traps any pilots caught inside until they manually escape or destroy it. Then he logged off and waited.

In EVE, deployable bubbles like these prevent a ship's warp drive from working until they manually pilot outside of it. Some time later, the hunter logged back in and found something truly baffling: The Nyx had returned to the anomaly and landed right inside the warp disruption bubble.

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Just aligned, traveled out of the bubble, and then warped. That's when I was percent sure this was a bot and that all the other Nyxs in surrounding systems were likely bots too. The Nyx could've easily destroyed Stu's Sabre Interdictor, but instead it made the baffling decision to warp back to safety behind the shields of its player-owned starbase—exactly the kind of behavior Stu and his fellow corpmates had seen in other bots they'd encountered.

Furthermore, Stu Miner tells me that any supercarrier pilot would never have returned to ratting so quickly after seeing hostiles in his system. Supercarriers are extremely expensive ships that players love to hunt, so flying one requires extreme caution. Days later, Hotline K found another wormhole leading them to Omist. With more players online, they decided to form a warband to see if they could catch any of the Nyxs using Stu Miner's strategy.

Just as they had done before, they placed a warp disruption bubble where the Nyx was ratting and all logged off. When they came back in minutes later, the Nyx was again trapped inside. This time they destroyed it. For the small warband, it was a rewarding kill. But after Stu Miner logged off for the night, other Hotline K pilots went on to use the same painfully obvious trap to kill another seven Nyxs—a staggering loss to have suffered outside of a full-fledged battle.

Hotline K had seemingly stumbled upon a ring of botters. On the EVE subreddit, Hotline K pilot 'funkydiddykong' shared his corporations' findings , and the issue boiled over. Not only did Hotline K's story paint a pretty damning picture, but other pilots testified that they had seen these same players ratting constantly for years —a detail reinforced by each suspected pilot's record of ship losses.

Losing eight Nyxs is a devastating loss to normal players, but is nothing compared to what botters can make in a month. If players are using bots to automate a relatively boring way to farm ISK, is that really a big deal? Redditor SvaraEir ran the numbers on how much money this specific botting ring could rake in based on the types of anomalies it was running, and the results are upsetting. Called PLEX, players can use this to pay for special account services and even their subscription. In World of Warcraft, for example, players can easily get the equipment they need from running raids, dungeons, and killing monsters.

Gold in World of Warcraft has limited impact on your character's capabilities. In EVE, however, players are highly dependent on others for everything from ships to the modules that they install on them. In many ways, ISK is a direct measure of your character's capabilities. Even the highest skilled player is useless unless he can afford to buy and replace ships. As more and more ISK floods the market from these botting operations, the value of ISK made by real players through honest means plummets.

The problem, then, is that as more and more ISK floods the market from these botting operations, the value of ISK made by real players through honest means plummets. In one Reddit post, player Loroseco laments how in five years he's been unable to accrue even a twentieth of the wealth these botters can rake in over a single month. And he's not alone, either.

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Bots are threatening EVE Online's economy and players are fed up

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