Mid 2010 mac mini server specs

With a simple counter-clockwise twist, the black access plate can be removed for easy RAM and fan access. Gone are the days of the putty knife Much like many other new Apple products, removing the RAM is quite feasible this time around.

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After removing two screws, the fan can be lifted out to access its power connector. The connectors inside this machine look pretty consistent with those found in Apple's current product lineup. Nothing too new here. All three fan screws are isolated with rubber dampers; a feature not seen on older apple machines. Low noise and vibration are big selling points for Apple these days, and the new Mini's idle emission of 14 dB is a testament to those design goals.

Mac mini Server (Mid 2010) - Technical Specifications

The extremely high blade density of the blower pushes a good amount of air while keeping noise at a minimum. After a good deal of wiggling, the antenna plate can be slid out from under the lip of the outer case. The top Wi-Fi antenna connector is hidden underneath the antenna plate near the hard drive connector.

Optical drive flex cable in the server model, this is where the second hard drive flex cable is. There are two blind holes in the case of the Mini that are meant for the ends of Apple's u-shaped logic board removal tool.

Is a MacMini mid 2010 good enough to be a Home Server? (spec-wise)

Being the shadetree mechanics that we are, we decided to circumvent the special Apple tool in favor of something that works just fine while keeping extra dollars out of Mr. Jobs' pockets. We now carry our own Mac Mini Logic Board Removal Tools shown in the second picture designed with a rubberized high-torque handle to the exact specifications needed to remove the logic board without the risk of inserting abrasive tools into a delicate logic board.

Before completely sliding out the logic board assembly, the power supply connector must be disconnected. In using unibody construction, Apple had to get creative with the placement of the antennas. The Mac Mini Mid has After disconnecting the remaining two antenna connectors and its data cable, the AirPort card can be easily removed from the logic board. A couple of spring-loaded T8 Torx screws secure the oddly shaped heat sink to the processors. In keeping with its space saving design, the fins directing air toward the vent hole are slanted to allow for better fan placement. The long antenna wires are grounded periodically along their length, presumably for better signal transmission to the important part - the antennas themselves.

Intel P 2.

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Broadcom BCM integrated gigabit ethernet and memory card reader controller. Need more storage? Only time will tell if this Mac Mini is as easily modified as its predecessor. For now, we recommend just getting the server edition.

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The new Mini's power supply churns out a minuscule 7 Amps at 12V. Compare that to the The optical drive is Macminicolo took apart the server version of the new Mini. Check it out if you want to see how Apple stashed the second hard drive. Badges: It seems the advantage of going with the server edition is the higher storage space and faster CPU. How easily do you anticipate it would be to upgrade the CPU on the non-server edition?

The Mid Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" is available with a 1. The 1. The "Core 2 Duo" Mac mini models are essentially the same as the "Core Duo" models that preceded them, but as the name implies, the "Core 2 Duo" systems shipped with faster processors as well as additional RAM. The Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2. All Mac mini models have the internal components cleverly enclosed in a tiny and elegant 2.

Additionally, all Mac mini systems ship without a display, keyboard, or mouse, but all USB and Bluetooth mice and keyboards are compatible.

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  • Mac mini (Mid 2010) - Technical Specifications?

Cash in your used Apple device now. All Trademarks, Logos and Brands are the properties of their respective owners. Where is my device's Serial Number located?

Mac mini Server Mid 2010 Hard Drive/SSD Installation Video

Within Settings, tap on General , then tap About. Touch and hold on the Serial Number and Copy should appear. Tap Copy to save the Serial Number to your clipboard.