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Give your printer a name. I recommend not using spaces. You do not want to make this your default printer. Select N o. You should see this:. Select D o not share this printer. You should see the following summary:. Right click on GhostscriptC and select Properties from the popup menu. In the Redirect this port to the program box, enter or browse to the gsprint.

The default value of in the Shut down delay box should be sufficient. If you find that jobs are getting lost because it takes longer than this to begin printing your document, you may come back here and increase this value. Now we must set up print services for Unix.

macOS Sierra problems – Where’s my ‘time remaining’ message gone?

Click Start and then Control Panel. Double click on Add or Remove Programs. It should look like this:. Select Print Services for Unix. Close it. Several people have emailed me alerting me that after installing the Unix Print Services you have to enable the service in the Services section of the Administrative Tools control panel.

Open Control Panels , then open Administrative Tools. Then open Services. Click on the Extended tab. Again, select L ocal printer attached to this computer and be sure that A utomatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer is not selected. Click Next to bring up this dialog box:.

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When the command prompt window opens, type ipconfig followed by return; that will give you your IP address. In the Name of p r inter or print queue on that server box type GhostscriptC just as we named it before. Do not make this your default printer. It appears that some Windows settings, possibly default settings for Windows XP Service Pack 2, do not prompt you to share the printer by default. Microsoft provides a reasonable wizard to walk you through setting up sharing on your network.

When it informs you that your printer name is too long and thus cannot be accessed from DOS computers, just click Yes , unless you need to print from networked DOS computers, in which case click No and type in a smaller name.

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Type in something descriptive in the L ocation and C omment boxes, and click Next. Make sure TCP is selected. Click the Add button. You have finished step five. Try printing from a Mac application to see how wonderful this is. But… they cannot print in color or take advantage of the printers many features. If I go through the process described here, will I be able to take advantage of all the features on the printer on the Macs? You made this out to be a lot harder than it was. These steps are a lot simpler and what worked for me: On Windows XP machine: 1.

Enable printer sharing on the WindowsXP machine that is hooked to the printer. Go to printers in System Preferences 2. Type in the IP of the XP machine that has the printer plugged into it. In Queue put the name of the printer that is shared 5. As you say, that is so much easier. By following this guide, and runing Windows XP on a virtual host in my mac, I was actually able to print on a Dell All-in-one from the mac, something that is generally considered impossible…. Has anybody figured out how to make Windows 7 share a host-based printer as a postscript printer same net outcome as this method??

Same as here I have found some really interesting information which is simply a great boost to my knowledge. This worked for me all up until the very last step. When I do this the printer automatically pauses and cannot be resumed from my mac. I read some of the e-mails up top that I originally skipped. The one about the USB connected printer helped me out, because my printer is connected via usb.

I did as it said: shared the first virtual printer created in the instructions, and pointed my mac at that one. Worked for me but only in black and white. I tried several drivers and i get the same results. I am wondering if anyone has seen this one before. Nevermind, i fixed it. I removed it and it worked fine.

Getting Dell 5100cn to work with OS X 10.7+

This is so nice.. Worked with Canon LBP printer. You are a legend!!!! I looked everywhere and was going to junk my old printer and get something compatible with my Mac, but now it works! Thank you very much! So, hooked it back up to the Windows PC and found this article! Used the trick of sharing the virtual printer and pointing Mac directly to that. Thank you so much for this tutorial!

I just got a new iMac and am able to print to my Canon MF and leave my Epson color printer for the color jobs! I do have one question, when I print to the Canon MF, the left and top margins get trimmed a bit. I have tried to adjust the margins on Preview on my Mac, but nothing has helped. It takes quite awhile for Ghostscript on our little WinXP box to process large files, but it works!

I have installed VMware and it seems to be a much better tool than BootCamp. It would seem that there should be a way to use this application of Windows that could be running in the background. I suppose you could just wait to fire up the virtual machine until you were ready to print. Great idea. Any other setting changes in VMware needed? Steve Sometimes connecting to your VM from the host can be tricky. It would seem that there should be a way to use this application of Windows that could be running in the background..! Works perfectly to a snow leopard macbook, apart from some margin issues!

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Trying to get my Mac to print was driving me crazy it used to work, but stopped after I moved to a new apartment. If I am using parallels on my mac OS X Our printer at work runs through the shared server and if I can simply do all the steps, but do them on my parallels version of Windows XP that is installed on my Mac, then that would better.

Or would it? It might not be trivial, though. After installing the first two, I run the setup. The environment specified is invalid. I wished to thanks for this excellent go through!! Hi Robert. The link you provide for getting redmon does not have a bit version. Thanks so much for these instructions. I spent a lot of time trying to decide on a convenient postscript printer driver for black-and-white laser printing.

Print Queue shows prinint a nd then the print job goes away, but nothing from the printer. After a system reboot the printer stopped working. Just converted my XP machine to Windows 7 32 bit and set this up and now I can print from my Windows 7 64 bit machines just like I did on the XP machine. You must login as Administrator to configure the redmon port.

Just an update. Thanks again….. This guide has been a life saver for me. I do a few things differently, though. I just install the latest version of PDFCreator for Windows, which is freeware and includes a newer version of RedMon that works very well on Win7 x I thank you as well. Excellent tutorial.

However, I seem to have the same problem as someone else above.

Getting Dell cn to work with OS X + – gofeqysyjiva.tk

The other version that was set up works fine. Im thinking this might be because of a reboot. Do any of the programs downloaded need to be launched for this to work? Any thoughts? Robert and Mark , Ends up the problem was the IP. The IP was Dynamic and thus the virtual printer could not be located. This post is best for learning the use of printer with window XP. I learned this important issue and now i am able to use it.

Thanks for sharing this post. Will not print. Printer is connected via USB. So I figured why not share the redirected port, and it worked great. If anyone ran into the same trouble, point the MAC to the redirected printer. Thanks so much! An incredibly nice blog you now have here. Strange problem. I was having problems with it and assuming it was the macbook I deleted the printer and went to reinstall it. Found out it was a virus on PC causing problem. Prints no problem. I even deleted the wi-fi network and reinstalled it, tried to install printer and it sees nothing.

Rebooted computer many times and wires computer works fine. My computer cannot see the printer to install yet hers works fine. Any suggestions? Both MacBooks have same OS and same version. This was a lifesaver. Thank you, Robert. Every step worked exactly as described, and all files were available. OMG, it finally worked. Any words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation!!!

I almost gave up and decided to buy an Apple printer until stuck upon your post. Such a lifesaver. Had been tearing my hair out trying to incorporate a new Lion Mac Air into an all-windows network, and this article was the final stop and first solution for me. We have a Ricoh W a1 printer running plotbase. Does anybody know which of the Apple Drivers work with A1 size printing? In greyscale ideally. Same problem with Jamie. I can only properly print A4.

I hope someone can suggest a better printer driver to be able to print on 3 sizes. Thanks in advance! Hope to hear from you guys soon! I obtained a free laser printer with an extra toner cartridge. Needless to say, I was happy to put it to use, only to find out that it was not compatible with Linux or Mac. Saved me buying a new printer, many thanks! Simply set the virtual XP up with bridged networking using the WiFi option, set up home networking, and it works great. I have tried to download the printer driver of LBP The printer has been added successful, but it doesnt work. Many thanks!

Wow, after five years of running a rather outdated Xerox in our print shop windows only I now have an up-and-running connection from OS X This is brilliant. However, since the Apple laser printer is no longer available on Mavericks I tried Generic Postscript to no avail, in the end had to fish out an outdated PS driver for the which was once supported on OS Any ideas?

Callum Apple dropped their foundational Laser Printer driver? Think Harder Think Harder, not harder.

Home PhD About. The process falls into these five general steps: On Windows: Make sure you have a working printer set up on your Windows XP computer this is not covered here. On Windows: Install the software needed to emulate a Postscript printer and redirect printing ports On Windows: Set up an emulated Postscript printer on Windows XP that will actually print to the probably non-Postscript printer set up in step one. Jump to Step 1 What follows are some email messages that people have sent me about some problem they overcame that I did not encounter.

Update: OS X You can just share the printer with the RedMon port straight away. I'm running Mac OS Thanks for writing this up. It is a huge win for me to have this working. Just a thought Another email from a user tells me that this work with Mac OS 8. I was using it to set up my MacOs 9 to be able to print to the windows printer I have hanging off my windows xp machine.

I had been using pcmaclan with windows When I upgraded to windows xp, I saw from your page that I could set up a LPR printer, and no longer need pcmaclan which understood appletalk packets. I managed to get it to work, but not exactly as your page described.

You describe creating 3 printers, right? Only two are needed. So only two printers are needed. I couldn't get it to work with 3 printers as you described. With just two it works. I suspect your configuration OS X and windows xp will work with just two windows printers too. Am I misreading your page? Thought I'd send this heads up. You should be aware that the default windows firewall it enables will block the mac access to the lpr printer you set up.

At least it did for me. However, they have a nice way to open up ports now. For me it was port I enabled the firewall log and looked at what port was being rejected, when the Mac tried to print. Now it works for me. The odd thing was that I had File and Printer Sharing for microsoft networks enabled, but apparently this isn't enough any more. I'm no expert, but thought I'd fire this your way.

If a logfile is setup to be created under the port-configuration tab, then it will produce the following error output: "[cut] Copyright C , Ghostgum Software Pty Ltd. Ranbe also has more than six years of professional information-technology experience, specializing in computer architecture, operating systems, networking, server administration, virtualization and Web design. Video of the Day. How to Change Printer Privileges on a Mac. Share on Facebook. Step 3 Select a printer or a scanner to share the device through Bonjour. About the Author Ruri Ranbe has been working as a writer since