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The problem is when I eject the disk and put in another it won't be recognized until I unplug and replug the drive. I'll have to try it on my G5 and Windows box tomorrow and see if they have the same issue. Are you unmounting the disk in the Finder before you press the eject button on the floppy drive? I've used Teac drives it's what's handy around the office with various OS Xs, but I haven't tried with Leopard it's been about a year since I've connected a floppy drive.

But they've always worked fine. Is the icon high res? It would be delicious irony if the floppy icon were larger in size than a floppy could hold, though I think the high-res icons on I use a Lacie-branded USB drive a handful of times each week, mostly trading files between my Mac and a PC hooked up to an embroidery machine. So far, not a hitch. Sorry I should have mentioned that I was unmounting it from the finder before pressing the eject button on the drive. Looks to be an OS X issue though since my G5 also running Those with pre Macs had to boot from a floppy drive that would install the HFS drivers that allowed them to boot from the HFS formatted hard drive.

MFS disks use a flat file system. Although the Mac makes it appear that it has true folders, this is an illusion. With HFS, the Mac gained a multi-level hierarchy of folders and the ability to access hard drive volumes at huge as 2 TB. Keep in mind, this was the age of MB hard drives, 1 GB drives were a long ways off, and its only in recent years the 1 TB drives have become commonplace. Mac OS X does not support internal floppy drives. Going forward, all new Macs with floppy drives would have what Apple sometimes called FDHD floppy disk, high density or SuperDrive — not to be confused with the DVD-burning optical drive of the same name.

Apple SuperDrive floppy drives use a variable speed motor, making them compatible with K and K floppy disks — as long as the operating system also supports them. As hard drives grew in capacity, some limitations of the HFS format became apparent. Or did they? Another limitation of HFS is that it cannot work with more than 65, files or blocks of data.

That meant the operating system would have to cluster more than one byte chunk of data into an allocation block. For instance, on a 1 GB partition, space was allocated in blocks of 16 KB, using 32 of those byte data blocks. That means that a MB drive or partition will still use Byte allocation blocks, a 1 GB drive will double that to Bytes 2 x , and so on.

And what does this have to do with floppy disks?

Anyone using a USB floppy drive with OS X?

One of the chief faults of the iMac when Steve Jobs unveiled it in May , according to most critics, was its lack of a built-in floppy drive. This was especially true for people who had an iMac at school or work but an older Mac or PC at home. You had to buy a USB floppy drive to read the disk from your other computer. Fortunately all but the oldest Macs support HD floppies, but the expense of an external USB floppy drive was discouraging to many longtime Mac users — and potential iMac adopters.

Give new life to your old floppies, also can be used for Windows installation;Let all your best memorise come back clearly to you again!!! Available USB bus supply current: mA or less. Date capacity: 1. Data Transfer Rate: Kbits 1. Number of Cylinders: Rotation speed: rpm, rpm recording method: MFM. You won't ever need floppy diskette anymore.

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Button-on : allows a keyboards to communicate the FD emulator and load data from a virtual floppy in USB flash stick. Teac FDHF. Still in film wrap. Condition is new in sealed box. Small dent in packaging. Item powers on. Application areas: Directly used in computers, data machine tools, machining centers, embedded systems, computerized embroidery machines, computerized flat knitting machines, computerized quilting machines, computerized trademark machines, computerized jacquard machines, etc. If total capacity of data in root directory or folder exceed KB, all data is separate into blocks, all blocks can be searched by press the [IN] button once again.

Note:Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. Specially Designed Floppy Emulator for. Replaces 3. We will do everything possible to correct the situation.

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For sale is a Citizen model W1D 11mm thick 3. Pull in very good condition and warranted non-DOA. Only 1 left! Install an emulator on computer, and format every partitions by operate. Install emulator on machine. Install emulator on computer. Capacity: 1. Built-in Self-Format function. Button:Left button used to rise ten-digit, right botton used to rise single-digitPress 2 button together to rise hundred-digitOperation :Format USB flash driveUse built-in self-format function to format USB flash drive into pcspartitions.

Install an emulator on computer, and format every partitions by operatedriver A:. NOS in the original box. This model is also 1gb. I have not tested it except for power, and it does work and sounds like it is reading the included drive. The power adapter is included, I just forgot to photograph it.

Easily and quickly access or transfer data Reads and writes standard 1. Now you can add a floppy drive to any PC, Mac, Laptop, etc. The box has only been opened, everything inside is still NEW. Get power directly from the USB port, no more external power needed.

USB floppy drive on a Mac

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No bait and switch here. I treat people the way I would like to be treated. Disks can be reformatted for Mac. Disks fully compatible with Zip and Zip drives. Read only with Zip drives. So to recap.

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