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Our family of apps are designed to help you and your patients through every step of their listening journey. Remote Plus app. The app gives patients more control too by letting them adjust the programs, volume and balance of their hearing instruments, all from their smartphone.

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This simple self-administered hearing test helps people with hearing loss take that first step to better hearing. Our uControl app lets patients adjust their hearing instruments and share in-the-moment feedback on performance. They get a sense of control over their hearing experiences, while you get a clear picture of their listening realities. It guides them and their companions through a range of topics that better prepare them for the discussions they will have about their hearing journey.

Bring more patients into your clinic with uHear kiosk, the interactive screening app. Simply download it and install it on a kiosk in a high-traffic area, like a hospital or pharmacy, and let potential patients test their hearing and request a follow-up call or email from you. All results are automatically forwarded to you.

Learn the importance of purchasing Unitron hearing instruments from a qualified hearing healthcare professional. Edy's Projects.

Posted April 19, at AM. Posted April 19, at PM. Dimitris georgiadis. Posted May 18, at PM. Hello, I am trying to follow the proccess you have posted but it seems that I always get an error message for a system32 exception, file not found any ideas how to avoid the issue?

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Any help would be trully apreciated. Posted June 16, at PM. Joined: May 13, Posts: I perfer the UniSciTE is fast, to bad not have it any more. Last edited: Jan 6, Joined: Feb 9, Posts: 2, HolBol , Jan 6, Joined: Apr 18, Posts: I'm sorry, but code completion is a requirement for me, and the only Mac option I really have at that point is MonoDevelop.

Maybe I'm just as "hardcore" as others here. However, with a large codebase I find the auto-completion of class names, enums, method calls critical for decreasing my personal iteration time thus improving efficiency. I'll live with a couple restarts of MonoDevelop in order to work all day of higher general productivity. Ferazel , Jan 6, Joined: Mar 8, Posts: Wow, this is very distressing to hear.

Unitron text editor mac

MonoDevelop is a completely slow bloated big and I could never get it to work like Unitron, where I double-click on a script in editor and it automatically opened properly. Such a complete pain.

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  • If you keep monodevelop opened, it behaves correctly. In what manner is slow? XeviaN , Jan 9, Joined: Aug 29, Posts: When I use my Mac, vmware fusion with a slimline xp install running visual studio has served me well for the past 3 years and I don't see myself changing my ways any time soon. Quickfingers , Jan 9, Tiles , Jan 9, Joined: Mar 6, Posts: 3, I prefer unitron, will check out textmate. AaronC , Jan 9, Joined: Jul 19, Posts: 1, Sorry folks, Since we began shipping and maintaining a full IDE, we felt that it would be better to let people who prefer lightweight editors install the latest versions of whichever they prefer, instead of continuing to ship outdated versions of ones we no longer maintain.

    In addition to the ones already mentioned on this thread, there are Smultron and SciTE. Tak , Jan 10, Joined: Oct 6, Posts: 1, Interesting how some people seem still get so much pain with MD, i completed few project on Mac with it and while I agree that it sometimes make you want punch it, once you open it it does behave good enough to get your work done I am sure it will improve as well and make a good company for unity as it goes. Thank you Tak for the clarifications! By the way, is correct to say that there is no other editor that supports debugging with breakpoints and so with Unity, other than MonoDev?

    I'm sure next releases of Monodev will runs better and better. XeviaN , Jan 11, Monodevelop is being actively developed and I find the newer versions have better performance.


    For all the haters out there I suggest you give it a second look. It has worse performance than simple text editors no doubt, but it is more feature rich. I just need a very small fraction of it. Uniscite was perfect in balance. Lightweight, fast, and good enough. Unity has officially dropped the support for Uniscite, and it is unlikely that Unity will change its mind back.

    Were you looking for the following?

    So we need to have a look by ourselves when we want to change something. What is actually missing to make Uniscite work with 3. Is it just the keywords? Or is there more?

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    In which file do i have to look? What keywords are missing? Tiles , Jan 11, Tak , Jan 11,