Xbox 360 controller on mac cod4

The Witcher 2 has controller support and Borderlands 2 I think supports wired controllers but not wireless. Even with a joystick app like joystick mapper will it still not work on a mac with say a ps3 controller?

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Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website. We didn't get to play it curse you! It's becoming more and more tempting just bring our own Xbox controller to one of these events that's what they showed it off on and try to sneak our way onto their consoles. First of all, the good news that almost everyone knows already -- Modern Warfare means modern combat.

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There's undoubtedly been more man-hours fought in WWII video games than during the actual war. Check out the screenshots from the Xbox and PC versions in the gallery below, and then read the rest of the story after the break. Infinity Ward calls this "the best thing we've ever done" has a developer ever said, "This is the crappiest thing we've ever done" and they've been working on it since before CoD2 was completed, which is why Treyarch did all the work on CoD3.

They've been busy doing research on modern weapons they have a military advisor on staff , uniforms, settings, vehicles, and put everything together in a storyline they've developed. They also made a conscious decision to avoid the war in Iraq and work on a unique story of their own.

In the game, a Russian ultra-nationalist named Zakiev is trying to bring Russia back to its former glory days, but he's using a poor set of social skills in doing so by using massacre, assassination, and so on to secure his position. He's also working with some other nasty baddies to get things done, including Al Asad, a bad guy from You'll confront this threat throughout the game as you play either a Force Recon or British S. We saw this demonstrated in a fairly creepy yet amazing level where you played the gunner in an AC gunship.

If you've seen the videos on YouTube showing thermal images of enemy combatants on the ground as they get taken out, this level is built to look just like one of those videos. It's incredibly well-done, but it's also somewhat disturbing. The game also features no campaign system like the past CoD titles. Instead the game "unfolds like an action novel of a television series. They promise that the "greasy and plastic looking" characters are gone, replaced by models that look more human. Not all Call of Duties has made it to the Mac, but you would be surprised by the choices you currently have.

Release date : May Besides having the best graphics the franchise has to offer as you can see for yourself in the video below , the game concludes the story that started two games before. Completing objectives also count, and the whole purpose is to encourage different play styles. Should you get it? The campaign has everything you can expect from a COD. It has tons of explosions, missions taking place all over the world and memorable set-pieces. As far as the single-player campaign goes, this is a direct sequel to the original Modern Warfare story.

Xbox 360 controller

Despite your best efforts in the previous game, the Ultranationalists seize control of the Russian Federation and begin a series of terrorist attacks. For example, the infamous airport mission, which asks you to kill hundreds of innocent civilians is in there… As far as the Multiplayer goes, Modern Warfare 2 retains the same experience points and unlockable reward system as before.

Modern Warfare 2 also introduced the effective, but extremely annoying tactical nuke. After a 25 kill streak, the nuke gives you an instant victory and kill everyone on the map, including yourself….

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I keep referring to this one, and for good reason… Other Call of Duty games have perfected and improved the formula, but it was Call of Duty 4 that started it all. Call of Duty 4 was the first game to pull off the Hollywood-worthy action sequences you and me now take for granted. On the Multiplayer side, it introduced experience points, unlockable weapons, customizable classes, and perks. Call of Duty 4 is also available on Steam and offers cross-platform Multiplayer. However, be aware that the Multiplayer is packed with cheaters…. Release date : June This is as classic as it gets.

It was the first time I actually felt like I was part of something bigger than just me and my M1 Garand man, I loved that weapon! There was action everywhere and a ton of people to shoot at.

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The Multiplayer was also top-notch. The Xbox only allowed 8 players in a single match, but you could push it to 64 players on the PC. That was HUGE back then.