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Then, when you run attack -d it will start deauthing all of the selected devices. Another way is to use deauth-all. With attack -da you start a deauth attack against all devices that are in your access point, station, and names list. Only devices in your names list that are selected will not be attacked, this is the reverse of how the above is set up. Again, devices you HAVE selected will not be attacked.

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However, as mentioned before, if you have an access point in your list, all clients that are connected to that will get deauthed because of the broadcast packets. To prevent this, you have to save the access point to the name list, and select it! You can add devices to the names list via the name command, for example, add name myrouter -ap 0 -s will add the AP with ID 0 with the name myrouter to the list and -s says that it will also be selected you can see all APs with show aps.

If you want it to attack certain targets automatically as soon as they get in range, you can have a continuous scan running while attacking. That way, the AP and station list will always hold updated results. You can do this by using the scan command with the -c parameter: scan aps -c 1min will scan for access points, wait a minute, scan for access points again, wait a minute Please note that while it is scanning, no packets can be sent out and ongoing attacks will pause until the scan is finished.

Well first of all, we have very limited resources on the ESP and most of them are already used of for the other features. Adding a white and black list for easier management would not be worth it, while scanning and attacking simultaneously is just impossible, due to the single 2. The second reason is simplicity, you don't need an auto-deauth-all feature in most use cases, it would probably also be illegal. Automated deauth all would come close to a real frequency jammer and probably fall under the same laws! The problem is that the user no longer has an influence on which devices its attacking.

It could block critical communications and cause danger to other people.

The Hit List - 1.0.2 [Intel/Serial]

With this serial interface, the user has to read this tutorial first, and will understand why it's dangerous. This project is already in a grey area, but it has to be somewhat challenging to use, otherwise the widespread use of a GUI client would be disastrous. If you connect to a network with the ESP or host a network what you do if you use the web interface then you might want to hide the original Espressif MAC address.

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The ESP has 2 MAC addresses, one for the access point mode when it creates a network and one for the station mode when it connects to a network. You can see the MAC addresses currently being used with sysinfo. To change them you have to use the set command, for example set macap 0a:0b:0c would change the mac address for the access point mode. You can also set a random MAC address with set macap random. To set both MAC addresses random, you can use set mac random. Please be aware that you might still see the old, unchanged mac addresses with sysinfo , this is because sysinfo prints out the current internally set mac address.

To apply your changes in the settings, you have to activate the access point or station mode, by way of activating the web interface. If the web interface is already running, you have to restart the device. The settings contain the attack timeout value in seconds. You can see the value by running get attacktimeout. If you start attacking, it will automatically stop after this amount of time. To change it to for example 10 seconds, run set attacktimeout 10s or set attacktimeout 10min to set it to 10 minutes. If you want to disable this feature, set the timeout to zero: set attacktimeout 0.

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The serial interface usually takes one command at a time, but it can also take multiple commands if they are separated by two semicolons: ;;. So for example sysinfo;;chicken will execute sysinfo and then chicken. There is no limit on the number of commands you can combine with this feature, but there is a limit of characters per input! Some commands like scan work asynchronous and don't block. For example scan wifi -t 10s -ch 6;;DELAY 11s;;show stations will scan for 10 seconds on channel 6 and wait 11 seconds before printing the results out.

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  • Note that it's always better to use a higher delay than you expect the previous command to run, because there might be other delays and time factors playing in. So for example enable random 1min would enable the random mode and regenerate the list every minute. This feature is particularly useful for the beacon and probe attacks.

    This option enables to run a scan continuously. So scan aps -c 10s starts a new scan just for access points and enables the continues mode with 10 seconds.

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    Now when the scan is finished it will restart after the set amount of time, so 10 seconds in this example. It's particularly useful to store and access data that doesn't fit into the RAM. Here for example, its used to store the settings. If that happens, it's recommended to clear the memory using format. With the commands load and save you can reload and save the current values of the settings, the ssid list and the device name list.

    This can be quite useful if you want to store multiple configurations or make multiple SSID lists and name lists! It's recommended to disable autosave with set autosave false if you switch between different files, because the autosave or the save command without file parameter will save and override to the default file path! Each line in that script will be executed just like a command you type in over serial.

    There is no limit on the number of commands and you can also use the delimiter to combine commands into a single line. Just remember that there is a limit of characters per line! You might notice that sometimes the ESP isn't able to sent out all the packets.

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    • But, and here comes the cool part, just take a look at the details: every file has its own 32px icon on the left side. The icons are crisp and pixel-perfect and they were designed together with the whole UI by the uber-talented designers Marcelo Marfil , Clemens Knieper , Jasper Hauser and David Lanham.

      I interviewed both Marcelo and David a while ago here and here , be sure to read the interviews if you missed them. Totally awesome. You can decide to check off all the items and zap them move them to the trash or just Cancel and go back to the previous screen. User Interface refinements aside, nothing changed here since the 1. AppZapper Mac View full size.

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      Hit List accessible through a small button in the top right corner of the main window displays every app on a beautiful dark background, together with widgets, prefpanes and plugins you have on your Mac. Same applies for prefpanes and plugins located God knows where on my Mac HD.

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      You can sort applications by size, last date used and name: as you drag over a menu a sexy black HUD-ish slider fades in allowing you to adjust the preferences and, say, increase the file size you wish to search for. Also, as you choose an app to delete, you can view the related files in the bottom part of the window, together with the option to reveal them in the Finder. Useful to get some knowledge about how Mac OS X stores applications files. Last, you can switch between apps, prefpanes, widgets and plugins with the icons in the toolbar. Do I like this Hit List feature?

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      Definitely yes. AppZapper Hit List View full size. AppZapper UI View full size. As you click on the card it flips over revealing details like version, puchase date, website, owner and license. You can either decide to manually type serial numbers or attach a license file if you have one. AppZapper My Apps View full size. AppZapper Cards View full size.