How to delete multiple cells in excel mac

Instead of the Backspace, which will only give you this annoying first cell removed, but then the blinking cursor, not what you want. So, people usually make that mistake.

Mac Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

And for the rest of these, these are all customized, so go ahead and go to the description of this video, click on the link for how to customize your Mac keyboard shortcuts , and go through all those steps to do it in detail. Something that I cannot stress enough is the importance of selecting the cells first, and then making the change, right? Here are a few exercises I created specifically designed to help you practice and reinforce all the different shortcuts.

So, go ahead and make the left section here match exactly as it appears on the right using the keyboard shortcuts that we talked about.

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And notice that each one uses its own, go through each of these, and at the end, there is a challenge to use a combination of all the different ways to make it look exactly the same. Thanks for watching, see you next time. And remember, dream big, live your truth, and share the Excel love.

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Open the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. You can do this by double-clicking the file on your computer.

Inserting & Deleting (Mac) | ERC

Right-click the row number you want to delete. Numbers run along the left side of the screen.

Click Delete. The row is now deleted.

How to Add and Delete Rows and Columns in Excel

Method 2. Click and hold a cell in the first row you want to delete.

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Any cell in the row is fine. Drag the mouse down to the last row you want to delete. You should now have cells highlighted in every row you want to delete. Click Deleteā€¦. Click Entire Row. The selected rows will all be deleted. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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