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And I recommend upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8 as long as you have an intel Mac. For PowerPC I have to agree with the previous poster.

Mac Minimum System Requirements for OS X to run Mountain Lion

Snow Leopard is still supported and doing great. Meanwhile this is such a big deal here, everything is working ridiculously fast still, safari 5, omniweb, ilife, itunes 10, etc. You are learning, as I did years ago, this is how Apple operates. How much more are you going to put up with this? I understand first time buyers that are shocked by this, but people that have had this happen to them over and over again have no excuse to stick with Apple — UNLESS you have the money to buy a whole new machine every couple years.

What is the world coming to? It depends. Imagine having the latest fastest software work slow on your legacy hardware. Unfair to think but it makes sense though. Windows 8 is actually less resource intensive and will run smoother on lessor hardware than Windows 7. Apple is doing this simply to make more money. Apple wants your money. Forced obsolesce business model means you need to drop big bucks every few years to stay in the Apple cool kids club.

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Legacy Hardware? Vista, Win7, and Win8 are all supported running on a wide variety of hardware. But after he died and the management changed, yeah this is too far.

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Your Lion requirements are complex to a fault. Well then, Apple and linux use kind of the same open source apple is closed source with open source components thing. Thats why there are no or less viruses for Apple and linux because of their open source. Hackers find it hard to make viruses for it.

How to upgrade to OS X El Capitan

Hey so you suggesting that if Snow leopard cannot be upgraded to prevent possible viruses, then we should get windows to get sure viruses? How come those who cannot upgrade just buy Panda or norton for mac? Los Angeles Police Department still uses below windows me xD and besides beating people up with sticks they are doing fine. The author is talking about HOME users, not corporate.

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  5. I believe the early iMac is M-capable it qualifies as Mid or newer , so that appears to be an error here. Would you happen to know where I can find the Lion software? Please help. Thank You.

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    With 3 Gigas of ram and Gigas hard disk. Apple must think more on hardware requirements like Windows instead models themselves. However, Apple has very sneakily put some sort of I think… firmware instructions to DIS-allow anybody to install Linux on this model…. As it happens to a lot of people — though not to your degree… Apple is doing this simply to make more money.

    There are ways to salvage your data and transfer to a PC box. This truly sucks this happened to you. You are clearly doing something wrong. I also agree. I find it ridiculous that the application decides when and where to save files. Anyone who is incapable of regularly saving a file should not be let loose on a computer. I want to control how the space on my hard drive is used, and not have the filesystem cluttered up with unnecessary versions of every file.

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    How To Install macOS Mojave On An Unsupported iMac ( Tutorial for incompatible iMacs )

    July 12, at pm. Floris says:. Rico says:. Apple usually provides security updates for the current version of the OS, as well as the previous two versions of the OS. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc.

    Select About This Mac from the Apple menu.


    Click the More Info button. Make sure Hardware is selected in the Contents list. Enter the following command at the Terminal prompt:. While 8 GB is enough for the OS and the apps that come with it, there won't be much space left for user data or additional apps. I recommend 60 GB or more for a single user who has a mid to large collection of apps and user data. Once again, this is the minimum listed by Apple. You will probably want to have at least double that amount of memory , depending on how you use your Mac.

    Mountain Lion creates a Recovery HD volume on your startup drive. This space is used to hold a bootable system that includes tools for data recovery and the ability to reinstall the OS.