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You can also save patterns to your photo library, print patterns directly from within the app, or share patterns with your friends as PDFs! Perception of thread color depends on multiple factors including, but not limited to, display settings such as brightness and night shift, ambient light conditions, and neighboring colors in the pattern.

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Please use your best judgement in determining which colors to actually use when stitching the pattern. Added a basic pattern editor so you can now add final touches to your patterns after generating. So my review is coming from a fresh perspective.

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It is an easy to use and pretty thorough app. The option to save in color as a pdf is a godsend. Love it. The option to just change the resolution based on pinching or stretching the image across the grid is very helpful. It allows me to really get the full picture at the stitching size I desire. Love love love it. It would nice to have a way to edit the colors after the pattern is generated. Ex: I uploaded a drawing I made and the eyes are small black dots I got 1 black dot and 3 gray for one eye and two dark gray and two lighter gray for the other.

It would helpful to be able to change the gray dots to black or white as I see fit.

Stitch a photo - Cross stitch charts from your own pictures - Free!

This program is awesome though. Definitely worth the ten bucks. Definitely definitely definitely Thanks for the feedback! In the latest version of the app, you can now edit the pattern after generating it. Let us know what you think! I love the idea of using my own images.


I Like being able to creat custom color lists as my local store carries all but a few of the DMC colors letting my create a pattern accordingly. I like being able to mark off a lock things in place. I would like to see an option that lets you select not to have any color be less then 10 stitches or 20 stitches.

These updates cover all our new releases which are frequent incremental updates rather than saving all the updates for one chargeable new version. This way we can bring you new features more quickly without a sudden increase in number of bugs and you don't need to worry what the best time to purchase is.

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