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Generally equivalent to the baseline universal standard of formal English orthography mentioned above; that is, only the first word is capitalized, except for proper nouns and other words which are generally capitalized by a more specific rule. All words capitalized, except for certain subsets defined by rules that are not universally standardized, often minor words such as "the" as above , "of", or "and".

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The standardization is only at the level of house styles and individual style manuals. See Headings and publication titles. A simplified variant is start case , where all words, including articles , prepositions , and conjunctions , start with a capital letter. Capital letters only. This style can be used for headlines and book or chapter titles at the top of a book page. It is commonly used in transcribed speech to indicate that a person is shouting, or to indicate a hectoring and obnoxious speaker. Long spans of Latin-alphabet text in all uppercase are harder to read because of the absence of the ascenders and descenders found in lowercase letters, which can aid recognition.

This practice is known as tracking or letterspacing.

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The titles of many English-language artistic works plays, novels, essays, paintings, etc. Conjunctions, articles, and short prepositions are not considered major words; however, capitalize all words of four letters or more. In other languages, such as the Romance languages , only the first word and proper names are capitalized. Acronyms are usually capitalized, with a few exceptions:. In most languages that use diacritics , these are treated the same way in uppercase whether the text is capitalized or all-uppercase.

They may be always preserved as in German or always omitted as in Greek or often omitted as in French. However, in the polytonic orthography used for Greek prior to , accents were omitted in all-uppercase words, but kept as part of an uppercase initial written before rather than above the letter. The latter situation is provided for by title-case characters in Unicode. When Greek is written with the present day monotonic orthography , where only the acute accent is used, the same rule is applied.

The accent is omitted in all-uppercase words but it is kept as part of an uppercase initial written before the letter rather than above it.

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The dialytika diaeresis should also always be used in all-uppercase words even in cases where they are not needed when writing in lowercase, e. Some languages treat certain digraphs as single letters for the purpose of collation. In general, where one such is formed as a ligature , the corresponding uppercase form is used in capitalization; where it is written as two separate characters, only the first will be capitalized. The position in Hungarian is similar to the latter. In languages where inflected forms of a word may have extra letters at the start , the capitalized letter may be the initial of the root form rather than the inflected form.

For example, in Irish , in the placename Sliabh na mBan , " the mountain of the women" anglicized as Slievenamon , the word-form written mBan contains the genitive plural of the noun bean , "woman", mutated after the genitive plural definite article i. The written B is mute in this form.

Other languages may capitalize the initial letter of the orthographic word, even if it is not present in the base, as with definite nouns in Maltese that start with certain consonant clusters. For example, l-Istati Uniti the United States capitalize the epenthetic I , even though the base form of the word — without the definite article — is stati.

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Applications en vitrine. Comment installer Office sur mon ordinateur? Apache OpenOffice 4. What's new? Feature title TaskId Spec. RangeSelectionArguments for the startRangeSelection call of com. If this property is given and TRUE, only a single cell will be given as the result of the range selection. Thanks to Kohei Yoshida for providing the patch. Currently — in OpenOffice. This is first not very intuitive, but there is also a second problem. There are many customers who want to use the OpenDocument format by default, but from time to time have to send documents with the Microsoft document format.

They have to save a document in Microsoft document format before they can use Send Document as E-mail. The following enhancement wants to help people who need to work with these two file formats Microsoft document and OpenDocument format. They have further on a context sensitive behavior, but without the toolbar toggle known from OpenOffice. New is also that each OpenOffice. The OpenOffice. This dialog also offers some more options how to handle those assertions, for instance filtering.

They cannot be re-routed or filtered at all, only globally disabled. This behaviour can be switched off in the VCL Debug Options dialog, which contains a new check box labeled "Reroute osl debug messages", and is ON by default. All of the above of course only applies to non-product builds of OpenOffice. This is especially important for Jobs. Then he has to search for the needed update and activate the download also manually. The user starts the online update manually from the menu and the following check for possible updates happenes automatically.

This includes checking which update currently exists on the client and if there is a newer update available on the server. If a newer update is available, the user get forwarded to the webpage to initiate the next steps. On import these variables are stored in the DocumentInfo property container at the document. May get integrated around SRCm The function is implemented in the TestTool application and needs a new sts-library on the OOo side. The function is implemented in the TestTool application.

It is an accessibility requirement to be able to do so. It was an oversight to not also forbid any unsigned types i. This has been fixed now in , and idlc has been changed to also generate errors in the previously missing cases. If a user is not absolutely sure what she does in Options-Paths then OOo can refuse to launch the next time. Therefore, all but 5 paths are removed from the Options panel.

The experienced user can still change the other paths by editing the configuration file.

An additional component is needed to enable the platform specific acceleration. Furthermore, graphic card drivers are 3rd-party products, which OpenOffice. Additionally, there is a potential for bugs in those drivers, which can be unveiled by using OpenOffice. Since such problems can make OpenOffice.

This task should affect no functionality, these attributes are not used. When OpenOffice. Currently this feature is only used for the entry [OOoProgramDir].