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These are apps that generally don't offer any formatting, just plain text. They free you from the hassle of styles and fonts and let you focus on what you write. Depending on what you write, you may need to use complex styles that someone has prepared in a template, such as for Microsoft Word, or you may be writing for a website, where styles and formatting don't exist. Text editors were created as tools for developers, people who write code, who need certain features, such as syntax coloring different types of code show up in different colors , regular spacing and indents, and more.

The granddaddy of Mac text editors is BBedit , and this app is one of the most powerful tools for this type of text. If you need to use complex styles, you don't have many choices, and if you need to write code, there are a number of options.

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But if you just want a blank page to type your text, there are many excellent Mac apps. I use a text editor for much of my writing including this article. It's slimmed down, fast, and there are no toolbars or inspectors to distract me. If I do need formatting—bold, italic, etc.

10 Best Free Text Editors for macOS 10.14

I can then paste the text into a web page, send it by email, or convert the file to HTML if necessary. It's fast and lean, and it has the simplest design of Mac text editors. Like many text editors, it handles Markdown formatting, offering a preview view so you can see how your text will look with bold, italics, lists, and more. It has a full-screen mode, where I can hide everything but what I'm typing, and a focus mode, so I can highlight the paragraph I'm working on.

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The rest of the text shows up in a light gray. And, while it only offers one font, I love the the specially designed Nitti Sans typeface it uses. I wish I could use that font in other apps This lets you organize files and access them easily. It lets you publish directly to Medium or WordPress, and also has companion apps for iOS, allowing me to continue writing on my iPad or iPhone when needed. It stores files in iCloud, or Dropbox, so it's a truly versatile solution.

12 Best Code Editors for Mac and Windows for Editing WordPress Files

Focused is an attractive, uncluttered app with an interesting feature set. No features, just a perfectly serene writing experience. As the name implies, Focused eliminates all unnecessary features to lead with a minimalist proposition of undistracted writing experience.

Zen Mode lets you select an ambient soundtrack to block the noise and dive into your words full screen — always focused on the center of the page typewriter style.

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Typography is carefully thought out and features six options, ranging from Avenir Next to Menlo typefaces. Besides all the visual design goodness, Focused supports Markdown syntax for easy web export as well as auto-saving functionality and the ability to retrieve older edits. As far as choosing a plain text editor for Mac, Ulysses is the best option for those looking for a primary writing tool, whereas Focused is the ideal choice for a secondary distraction-free writing experience. What you need instead is a great Mac text editor for coding. There are dozens of popular ones out there but TeaCode and CodeRunner seem to offer something unique, whether used separately or in tandem.

Code expanders allow you to specify repetitive functions, components, or templates, and then paste them right into your chosen Mac coding editor using pre-defined abbreviations. In a way that makes TeaCode your personal coding library that can be used in whatever text editor for Mac you prefer.

After that, you can create any amount of snippets in any programming language and use them as you see fit. TeaCode also supports shortcuts for searching and pasting code expanders, so you can focus on writing your code and let it assist you from the background of your menu bar. Choosing the best text editor for Mac can become a never-ending quest if you keep jumping from one option to the next. Rather than trying to be the best HTML editor for Mac, it supports more than 25 languages right out of the box, but can also be easily extended to run any other ones you need.

Besides language support, CodeRunner features extensive documentation right in the app, so you never have to distract yourself by going online.

Creating Plain .txt (text) files using TextEdit (On Mac)

Even more importantly than writing high-quality code is speedy debugging. After all, most of the code you get to deal with at work has already been written, which makes debugging so much more important. CodeRunner gives you great options to set breakpoints to quickly scan your code for errors, explore the call stack, and edit any misused variables — an invaluable feature in any Mac coding editor.

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Download Scrivener here. This is yet another finest MacOS text editors out of the lot. It provides its supports for tons of different languages and is ideal for coders to use. It has been more than 25 years now for it to support the themes. Alongside, you can also spend some extra bucks to get hold of the Ultra Products from the options. Go for a trial version to see if it fulfills all your typing needs.

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  7. Download UltraEdit here. Microsoft developed this fantastic text editor to give a tough competition to all the text editors out there. It comes fully packed with tons of features to be a part of.

    You will fall in love with the features and optimization that this software has to offer. Some of the primary features of visual studio code are its fine ability through which it can highlight any syntax for more than 30 different forms, a keyboard-centric approach for editing, and automatic real-time description for API.

    It comes with a support for a very big library for an extension. Well, these were the best text editors for Mac that you can use to enhance even your typing or coding. These text editors are free but you may have to spend a little to get hold of the additional features.

    List of Best Text Editors for macOS

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