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Or maybe you want to apply the same style to all of them. In cases like these, it helps if you can treat those objects as a single item.


The Format inspector includes an Arrange tab to give you options for positioning objects with precision. Why not make the Arrange tools easier to access? You can also put Colors and Adjust Image tools in similar popout panes by clicking on the appropriate Show option in the View menu. See that tiny View toolbar button at the extreme left?

For example, in Pages you can hide thumbnails and reveal the word count from that menu.

In Keynote, you can switch between various layouts and also start editing master slides. When you open any iWork app, it shows you a set of neat, time-saving templates to choose from.

Pages Templates

While the templates are useful, you might prefer to start with a blank document every time. In that case, the template chooser becomes an annoying popup. Hiding it is easy. Select the Change Template button below the Use template option to select a new default.

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You can also create a new template altogether to use as the default. Want to access the template chooser after you have hidden it? You can, once you save that model document as a template. In the dialog box that shows up, click on Add to Template Chooser to save the template in the default location. It will then show up in the My Templates section of the template chooser.

If you want to save the template in a different location, click on the Save button instead. When they are, you can start typing in text right away without having to select the existing text first. Likewise, if you define placeholders for media, you can replace them with fresh media in a snap.

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All you have to do is click on the add image button at the bottom-right on the placeholder itself see screenshot below. This brings up the popup media explorer from which you can select the image or video you need. Doing so is pretty straightforward. If you want to set an image or a video as a placeholder, choose the Define as Media Placeholder option from the same menu instead. Why not import some awesome ones from iWorkCommunity?

Download any template you want and open it with the relevant iWork application. The template opens as a regular file. Once you do, it shows up in the My Templates section of the template chooser as usual. That brings the file versioning system on macOS into action. It will then show up along with the autosaved versions and you can restore it anytime.

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Account Sign Up. Log In. Join for free to start saving! Sign Up. Toolbox for Pages - Templates Mac. Toolbox for Pages iOS Universal. Toolbox for Keynote -Templates Mac. The InDesign files are provided in. While they are free of monetary payment, you are required to pay with a Twitter Tweet or Facebook Share. These files are free for personal or commercial use. Jumsoft offers a ton of templates and artwork for iWork users. Jumsoft, makers of some really cool Mac OS X apps, iWork add-ons and Mail stationery, happens to have a Free Goodies page , where you can download hundreds of pieces of artwork, templates and Mail stationery.

Many times I find myself having to mock-up designs on various items such as bags, DVD covers, coffee mugs, and other various gift items for clients.