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Run Windows apps without needing Windows, windows applications seamlessly integrated on Mac OS X.

Not every game will be compatible, but a great many are. To get started, visit www.

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Once installed, many games offer one-click install wrappers, which can be found on the CrossOver website. If no wrapper is available, you can simply direct CrossOver to your installer location, or install Steam in CrossOver and do it that way.

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There is a great community available to help you out if you run into problems with certain games. Parallels lets you run Windows virtually on your Mac without rebooting. Parallels can be a good option for some games, but keep in mind you might need a powerful machine processor, RAM , graphics card to game this way, as you are emulating a full-on Windows environment on your Mac.

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Just about any game should be compatible, but performance will depend on the requirements of the game you wish to run and your specs. You will also need a copy of Windows to install. A trial is available for you to test out performance.

This could be a good option to get started with the idea, but will take more effort to get things running more manual setup and steps required to get your games running and does not have as much support as CrossOver does. Performance is comparable with CrossOver, so what you are paying for with CrossOver is the ease-of-use.

If you enjoy tinkering and the do-it-yourself approach, you can try wrapping your games via the WINE project. There is a large community doing this, so guides and support is available from other members. Rocket League shown via CrossOver. As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy Windows games on your Mac. How do you play?

Codeweavers Releases CrossOver XL – A Better Way to Run Windows Apps on Your Mac

Just click and run! It's like running Windows on your Mac or Linux machine, but without Windows. No rebooting, no switching to a virtual machine, and no Windows Operating System license required. CrossOver Games aims to bring you the latest, greatest, bleeding edge improvements in Wine technology. This means that the newest games run faster and better under CrossOver Games than under other versions of CrossOver, or other version of free Wine, for that matter.

If you need better frame rates on Linux or Mac so you can frag your buddies: check out CrossOver Games. Download Quick Facts What's New. Last updated:.

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March 22, CodeWeavers Inc. User rating:. Found a bad link? Help us by reporting it. What's New: Worked around the 'backwards elbow' bug in Rift on Lion.