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Your serial should be in this format:. What do I do? Typically, this is a firewall, proxy, or other network security that is the problem, or a temporary problem with your Internet connection. Immediate self help is available through our searchable Knowledgebase and checking our interactive Forums.

How to Format a WD hard drive to exFAT or FAT32 File System

If you need the assistance of our support team, please contact us. Please have your serial number when contacting us. Extending a free trial of Mediafour software. Mediafour Support cannot reactivate free trial versions on a computer once they have expired, nor extend the time of a free trial. You are welcome to use the free trial version on another computer, or, purchase the software through our web site , or a retail store. Mediafour software products come with a day money back guarantee.

GPT and MacDrive. MacDrive fully supports GPT partitioning for fixed disks. Fixed disks can include internal hard drives, but can also include portable devices such as external hard drives which connect via USB, FireWire, etc. No additional software is needed to access a Mac-formatted disk that is GPT partitioned. You can simply connect the disk to your computer, and MacDrive will be able to access the disk and assign it a drive letter.

Please make sure to migrate any data from the device as repartitioning it will erase all data. Then, select Disk Utility. Connect the removable device in the left panel. Then, press OK, then Apply. You will be asked to confirm the change; press Partition to proceed. The result will be a Mac-formatted removable device that can freely be used on Macs, or in Windows with MacDrive. Devices with multiple partition types i.

Dual-formatted hard disks, or devices with multiple different partition types, are not supported. Neither Windows nor MacDrive will be capable of working with a drive configured in this manner. This Knowledgebase article does not apply to Mac computers running Boot Camp. The partition configuration of the system hard disk on a Boot Camp system is fully supported.

Troubleshooting installation failures. Be sure to include as much detail as possible about the installation problem: what you see occur, when the problem happens, and the exact failure behavior such as the full exact text of any errors you see. Please include your serial number when contacting us. How to activate. MacDrive 9 can be used for a five day trial period without activating. After that time, the software must be activated in order to continue using the features of MacDrive.

Activating requires a valid MacDrive 9 serial number. You can also purchase an upgrade from a prior version of MacDrive.

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You can use the serial number, along with the computer ID displayed on this screen, to activate on our web site. There are two activation forms depending on which product and version of Mediafour software you have:. The activation wizard will always give you the correct link for your version. We recommend using the URL from the activation wizard for that reason. Using the webform, you will receive an activation code that you can use to activate MacDrive.

We are happy to assist you with activation. Please be sure to include your serial number and computer ID. The same steps will work to activate MacDrive 7 and 8. Please note that you will need a serial number for that version; for example, a MacDrive 9 Standard serial number can be only used to activate MacDrive 9 Standard, and will not work to activate other versions, such as MacDrive 9 Pro, MacDrive 8, or MacDrive 7. You will need the original full installer for these programs.

How to deactivate. In some cases, you may wish to deactivate your MacDrive installation — to unlicense MacDrive and make the license available to be used again. There are two methods that you can use to deactivate MacDrive 9. This requires an Internet connection. No special steps are required. If no Internet connection is available, the installation will proceed without deactivating MacDrive.

How to format your hard drive

Regardless of which method you use, please be sure to take note of your serial number before uninstalling if you do not have it recorded in another location. If you purchased MacDrive as a download from Mediafour. All versions of MacDrive 8 will attempt to deactivate when uninstalling the software. MacDrive 8. To deactivate in MacDrive 8, the activation must have been originally done through automatic Internet activation for automatic deactivation to be possible.

MacDrive 7.

To deactivate in MacDrive 7, the activation must have been originally done through automatic Internet activation for automatic deactivation to be possible. Troubleshooting Mediafour software activation problems. Circumstances: You are having a problem with the Software Activation process for a Mediafour software product. Please click here for more information. A Mediafour Support Professional will work with you to get the software activated. How to safely remove drives from the computer. It is important to note that even disconnecting a device improperly one time can cause file system corruption.

The icon looks like a gray box with with a green arrow on top. Windows should then prompt you that it is safe to disconnect the device. If not, this is an indication that some part of Windows is using resources on the disk. To clear this, reboot your computer and before doing anything else, try the above instructions again. Access denied when formatting or repairing. Usually, this is because one or more Windows Explorer windows are still open showing the disk or its contents. Other causes include files on the disk still in use by applications or resident software such as antivirus using the disk.

To resolve this problem, try closing Windows Explorer windows and open applications. If the problem persists, try disconnecting and reconnecting the drive, or restarting the computer.

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Apple RAID support. The first step in troubleshooting is to determine if the device you are using e. For example, if you are having difficulty using a hard drive via FireWire, try connecting it via USB to determine if the problem is resolved. Compatibility with Windows 8. Windows 8. A five day free trial of MacDrive is available if you would like to evaluate it before purchasing. No, MacDrive 8 and prior does not support Windows 8.

Support for Windows 8 will not be added to MacDrive 8. Mediafour Technical Support is unable to provide assistance to anyone attempting to use MacDrive 7 with Windows 7. You will need your serial number to purchase the upgrade, but do not need to have a prior version of MacDrive installed in order to install the upgrade.

Back Up the Drive’s Data First

Compatibility with Windows 7. No, MacDrive 7 does not support Windows 7. Support for Windows 7 will not be added to MacDrive 7. Encryption and FileVault. MacDrive does not support encrypted Mac-formatted drives. If you connect such a drive, you will be prompted to format the drive and it will not mount. Compatibility with network drives. Mac-formatted hard drive connected to an Airport base station.

MacDrive works with direct-attached storage e. Mac-formatted hard drive connected via USB. Sharing of Mac disks mounted with MacDrive is not supported. In such cases, the Mac OS X system volume is inaccessible because, as with any operating system, Mac OS X requires exclusive access to any volumes it has mounted. Please note that you will need to configure your virtualization software to have a particular virtual OS take control of a drive before Windows can use it.

For detailed help with your particular virtualization product and version, please contact the software manufacturer. If MacDrive is installed after Boot Camp drivers are already installed, no special steps are needed.

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If you are installing Boot Camp drivers after installing MacDrive, either repairing or reinstalling MacDrive will be necessary; you will be prompted by MacDrive when booting Windows in this scenario. Files appear as zero bytes hard links. Hard links have no content; they are indirect references to regular files. A hard link can be recognized in MacDrive by right-clicking the file, clicking Properties, and clicking the MacDrive tab. Currently, the only workaround is to make a create a copy of the hard-linked file in Mac OS.

Aliases , or shortcut files, will also appear as zero bytes, but will also have an original normal file that the alias points to. You can simply open the original file instead of the alias to access it in Windows. Pros: The largest partition and file sizes it supported are nearly unlimited by today's standards. Cons: exFAT file system is not compatible with older operating systems. It should be used in macOS As most users have upgraded operating system, it is actually quite easy to meet to lowest operating system requirements of exFAT.

It can be easily implemented in firmware that has low memory and low power requirements, such as cameras, mobile phones, media players, etc. Pros: It is an improvement for FAT32, and it is used as the default file system of Windows system hard drive due to its improved performance, reliability, and disk space use. It is optimized for flash drives and SSD with a primary focus on encryption. Warning: Formatting a disk or a partition will erase data on this drive. Make sure you have a copy of data backup in hand if you have important files on this external hard drive. However, if you have formatted this drive and are encountering data loss, you can recover data from formatted external hard drive with iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery.

Also, if you plug in an NTFS formatted drive to your Mac and you have a copy of data backup, then you can follow the following steps to format your external hard drive for both Mac and PC without worrying data loss. Click on Launchpad at the dock of your Mac, choose Other in the menu, and then select Disk Utility to open. Tips: You can choose FAT when you need maximum compatibility with the widest range of devices and if you don't have any files larger than 4 GB.

And for better performance, you can choose Guide Partition Map scheme if your disk or partition is larger than 1TB. Connect your external hard drive to your PC, and then select this drive from the list and right-click on it. Check Perform a quick format and click OK to format the external hard drive. Except for having the whole external hard drive formatted, you can also split this disk with two partitions.

One is formatted with the file system that is compatible with macOS, another partition is compatible with Windows conversely. By this means, you can use all the advantages each format has on the respective system. Warning: Still, you need to back up files on this drive before you begin to create two separate partitions to work for Mac and Windows PC.

Step 1: Connect your external hard drive to your Mac, and then launch Disk Utility. Step 2: Click on the drive name in the left sidebar, and then click on Partition at the top. Step 4: Click on the untitled half of the pie, give it a name, choose exFAT format, and decide the size according to your need. Step 6: Then click on another partition and format it with Mac OS Extended , and give it a name like "Mac" for your convenience.

After saving all these changes above, there will be two partitions on your external hard drive. Step 1: Search for Disk Management and open it. Then you will find this external hard drive at the lower right column. By creating two separate partitions, you can use this external hard drive on both Mac and Windows. You won't be able to write to the Mac partition from your Windows computer, and vice versa. Thus, it's a good solution for people who need to swap between two operating systems but with separate work.

NTFS drive will be read-only on Mac and you can't write to this drive normally in this case. But formatting is not feasible as it includes several steps and you will lose data if you didn't back up your files. Then, can you solve external hard drive read-only without formatting?

If you want to use NTFS formatted external hard drives on Mac, there are two efficient software can help you.